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        Robert Fripp
        including the works of King Crimson, The League of Gentlemen,
        and The League of Crafty Guitarists, et al.

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News and Information

In 2010 or thereabouts, Robert Fripp contributed soundscapes to one or more songs by Judy Dyble for what was to be an album entitled Newborn Creatures, produced by Lee Fletcher and Markus Reuter, but plans to release that album have been scrapped.

Peak Brewing Company, based in Portland, Maine, has a brew called King Crimson, an imperial red ale.

Robert Fripp has recorded sounds which have been built into Windows Vista, a recent offering from The Evil Empire (Microsoft, that is).

Robert Fripp has contributed a preface to the book included with George Gurdjieff's Harmonic Development: The Complete Harmonium Recordings 1948-1949 (CDx3 2005.01 NL Basta 9115/Netherlands).

Robert Fripp contributed liner notes (concerning his guitar lessons from Robin Trower) on Robin Trower's reissues of the eight albums Twice Removed from Yesterday / Bridge of Sighs / For Earth Below / Live / Long Misty Days / In City Dreams / Caravan to Midnight / Victims of the Fury (CDx4 1996/1997 Beat Geos On UK BGO339/BGO347/BGO349/BGO352).

King Crimson was nominated for a 1995 Grammy Award in the “Rock Instrumental Performance” category. The track: “Vrooom”, from THRAK.

Many of the releases from Discipline Global Mobile are also available autographed.

Believe recorded a song entitled “Pozdrowienia dla Roberta Frippa” (“Best Wishes For Robert Fripp”) on their album Yesterday is a Friend (CD 2008.04? PL Metal Mind ?). Catherine Wheel perform a song entitled “Fripp” on their album Chrome (CD 1993 UK Fontana 518039?), complete with imitation Frippertronics.

It was thought that Robert Fripp was a member of the band The League Of Gentlemen that released two singles in 1965-1966. Apparently he was either not in the band at all (and there were two bands called The League of Gentlemen) or had already left the band before the recording of these singles. (See The Tapestry of Delights by Vernon Joynson for more information.)

The album Exposure was to have been titled The Last Great NY Heartthrob. Daryl Hall sang almost all lead vocals. It is assumed that pre-release mixes were circulated. In the end the album was partially re-recorded, remixed and released in its current form.

Sid Smith wrote, in his book In The Court Of King Crimson:

As a result of his work with Crimson, Evans enlisted Fripp to produce a project led by Mark Charig and himself. “The album was going to be called Guilty But Insane and included (Keith) Tippett and Johnny Dhyani. It was recorded at a studio near Green Park in London. The music was improvised and we had a lot of music to hear when we finished the recording. The whole thing fell apart though and never came out.” Sadly, the tapes have since been lost.

Robert Fripp recorded sessions in 1972 for an eponymously titled album by Ollie and the Blue Trafs, but the album was never released and has probably been lost.

Sid Smith wrote, in his book In The Court Of King Crimson:

In June 1972, Fripp finished recording an album with a Wiccan journalist, called Walli Elmlark. The album was called The Cosmic Children. Side one consists of Fripp and Elmlark in conversation where she outlines her experiences and commitment to Wicca. On side two, she talks to DJ Jeff Dexter about cosmic children - spirits from other places who take physical forms such as Hendrix, Bolan, Bowie and Mike Gibbons, drummer with Badfinger. Talking to NME's Simon Stable, Fripp stated: “The function of the album is to reach out to the children like the drummer from Badfinger, I want to say; ‘You're not nutty, you're not a freak because you can't relate to what's around you’.” The Cosmic Children remains unreleased.

I have not attempted to catalogue every compilation and collection which include songs by other artists which feature Robert Fripp. Nor have I attempted to catalogue every single released by other artists which feature Robert Fripp. Instead, I have attempted to catalogue only those compilations, collections and singles which include songs featuring Robert Fripp which are otherwise unavailable. That said, I have not specifically excluded information on such compilations, collections and singles. Your mileage may vary.

I have not included information on test pressings and the like, nor have I included information on audience-recorded cassettes and CD-Rs, unless they were packaged as ‘true’ bootlegs (whatever that means).

This discography was used (in part) in Sid Smith's book In The Court Of King Crimson (2002.03 UK Helter Skelter ISBN: 1900924269).

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c/n     catalog number  g/f     gatefold        p/d     picture disc
b/i     back insert     p/b     paperboard      w/s     widescreen

Album:  full album release, in one or more of the formats below:
  LP    12" vinyl long-player (33 1/3 RPM)
  CD    Compact (digital) disc (std. j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CT    (Mini-) Cassette tape
  8T    8-track tape (obsolete)
  RT    Reel-to-reel tape
  DC    Digital Compact Cassette tape
  MD    MiniDisc (digital magneto-optical)
  CR    CD-R (CD Recordable or Read-Write)
  SA    Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD)
  DA    DVD Audio
  DR    DVD-R (DVD Recordable or Read-Write)
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  C5    5" (12 cm) CD single (s/l j/b unless otherwise indicated)
  CS    (Mini-) Cassette single (p/b p/s unless otherwise indicated)
  EP    Extended play single or mini-album (vinyl, usually 33 1/3 RPM)
  F7    7" flexi-disc, flexible vinyl single (usually one-sided)

Video:  video release, in one or more of the formats below:
  VHS   VHS-format video tape
  Beta  Beta-format video tape
  BRD   Blu-ray Disc
  UMD   Universal Media Disc (Sony PlayStation Portable)
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  DVD   Digital Versatile (Video) Disc (including DVD-ROM)
  VCD   Video CD, popular in Asia (MPEG1)
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  WMA   Windows Media Audio
  PZD   PocketZip floppy disk storage system
  Pub   A publication: a book, songbook, pamphlet, magazine, etc.

  Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4   Calendar quarters: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
  Radio Show    A release specially recorded for radio airplay.
  Interview     An interview transcription disc.
  Collection    A collection of tracks by this artist, usually previously
                released on various albums and singles.
  Compilation   A compilation of tracks by various artists.
  Soundtrack    Soundtrack to a film or play released in Album format.
  Box Set       Box set of previously released and/or unreleased material.
  Songbook      Book of words and music.
  Bootleg       Unauthorized release of previously unreleased material
                consisting of concert recordings, studio outtakes, and
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  Pirate        Unauthorized release of previously released material
                without attempting to make the album look like an original.
  Counterfeit   Unauthorized copy of an officially released album.

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The Fine Print

Please do not ask me where to find rare recordings, bootlegs, videos, or other releases listed in this discography.  Please do not ask me where you can get scans of artwork for these releases.  This discography is a list of releases that have been made available over time, not a list of my personal collection.  Just because any given release is listed in this discography does not mean that I own that release, nor does it indicate that I am willing to trade, sell, or make tape copies of that or any other release.  If you are looking for such recordings, try attending record shows, reading collector magazines, and hunting in used record shoppes.

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