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The first version of this Website was created in April 1996. Great many thanks are due to Daniel Kirkdorffer, for patiently answering queries on HTML, and for maintaining the Elephant Talk web site. Thanks are also due David Kirkdorffer for supplying two interviews I did not have, to Mark D. Taylor for helping to find a bug in the pages, Mark Jordan and Joshua for additional information on time signatures in "Breathless", Jeremy Jacobs and Mike Hightower for further differences in the "North Star" versions, John Brann for additional information on "Here Comes the Flood",  as well as Andrew Russ, M.F. Nevels and many others.

Thanks also to everyone else who contributed, criticized or helped in any other way.

Please mail me with suggestions and criticism on any of these pages.


The material excerpted here (artwork, photographs, and excerpted texts) was included for the purpose of sharing it with anyone interested. No harm to any party holding the original copyrights was meant, rather, this material is offered under the assumption that it is "fair use" to share it with individuals on a non-profit basis and maintain or arouse interest in the respective works. In cases where any original copyright information was known I attempted to keep such copyright notices intact or include additional notes on this page (see further down). I would like to ask the readers of these pages to, please, respect the copyrighted nature of any such material.

This Website is a public service to anyone interested. Any material considered questionable will be removed if requested to do so by anyone holding copyrights voicing objection to the respective materials being included here.

The original release of Exposure, as well as its subsequent re-issues, is © E.G. Records LTD, 1979.

Four from Exposure is © E.G. Records LTD, 1979.

The Lyrics from Exposure are © E.G. Music LTD, 1978, except "Here Comes The Flood", which is © 1978 Peter Gabriel Ltd. / Hit & Run Music Publishing Inc.

All these releases were published by E.G. Records LTD, 1979.

The images on the pages are sourced from (in order of appearance on the pages):

Main Page: Exposure © E.G. Records LTD, 1979 - Front Cover, Inner Sleeve - Photography by Chris Stein; - Four From Exposure, © E.G. Records LTD, 1979 - Front Cover - no source given;

Exposure - The Differences: Network, © E.G. Music LTD, 1985 - Front Cover - Photograph by Debbie Feingold;

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