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Photos of The King Crimson "Absent Lovers" Record Signing, Montreal

Date Submitted: 11-Aug-98
Submitted By: Antoine Caron (Antoine.Caron at nrc dot ca)

In commemoration of the release of the live double CD "Absent Lovers", recorded exactly 14 years earlier on July 11th, 1984 at Le Spectrum, Montreal, (the final concert by the 80's formation of King Crimson), three fourths of the 80's band Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Robert Fripp (Bill Bruford could not make it) signed CDs at the HMV Megastore in Montreal. Also along was Trey Gunn who was touring with Belew and Fripp as ProjeKct Two, and signing that KC fractal's "Space Groove" release. The following photos were taken by Daphne Caron, daughter of Antoine Caron, who submitted them to ET Web.

Antoine writes:

"I dropped [by] briefly at HMV today to pick-up my copy of A.L. and get it signed. I was accompanied by my daughter Daphne (11) who took charge of the picture taking with my old and forgotten Polaroid camera. As soon as Trey saw us he told her: "Hey I got one like this too!" I told Trey that I was surprised at the intensity of the ovation that followed the local P2 show.

Trey: We were surprised too!

Adrian: The crowd was fantastic. This was one of the best reactions we ever got.

Me: (referring to his drumming/singing/guitar playing) You can do everything!!!

Adrian: (big smile and chuckle)

Me: Do you play saxophone too?

Adrian: As a matter of fact I do, but very badly!

Me: I don't believe you...

I advanced to Tony Levin and asked him if he managed to find decent coffee around here. He smiled and said that actually he did and thanked me for asking.

Daphne was getting quite frantic with the polaroid just as I was getting to RF and I sensed that the moment was not optimal for the thought I wanted to share with him. He was nonetheless courteous.

I silently remembered that my brother and I were at the Spectrum, July 11th, 1984. Our birthdays are respectively May 16 and October 14, two days that Mr. Fripp can certainly relate to.

I just want to add that the Crims were very friendly, specially Adrian. Daphne's pictures turned out pretty good and as soon as I find a scanner I'll send them to ET (see below)."


Adrian Belew
Adrian Belew signing away...

Trey Gunn
Trey Gunn with Adrian, Tony Levin, and Robert Fripp behind.

Tony Levin
Tony Levin smiles for the photographer.

All photographs courtesy of Daphne Caron

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