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Date Submitted: 19-Jun-97
By: Nick Paluzzi (leprakahn at sprynet dot com)

Here is my transcription of catfood, I hope it works.
				Nick P.

"Cat Food" King Crimson

(This transcription is based on the 2:45 minute version, not the 4:45 minute version)

This composition is a great example of a denatured blues progression, also Fripp and Co. make

a clever manipulation on time between the B13 chord and the E7#9 chord.

Keith Tippets piano is also brilliant, utilising dissonant piano fills while holding the

composition together.


	Em7&atonal piano fills

[E7#9]Lady supermarket with an apple in her basket[A13]knocks on the[B13] managers[E7#9] door

[A7]Grooning to the muzak from a speaker in the shoe rack[A13]lays out her[B13]goods on the[E7#]

floor[B]Everything she's chosen, is conveniently frozen[A13]eat it[B13]and come back for[E7#9]


Lady Window Shopper with a new one in the hopper, Whips up a chemical brew

Croaking to a neighbor while she polishes a sabre,  Knows how to flavor a stew

Never need to worry with a tin of 'Hurri Curri',poisoned especially for you!

[F#]No use to complain if your[E] caught out in the rain

Your mother's quite in[B]sane!

[N.C.] Cat Food, Cat Food, Cat Food, Again!

Em7 A G E



Lady Yellow Stamper with a fillet in a hamper, dying to finish the course

Goodies for the table with a fable on the label, drowning in miracle sauce

Don't think I'm that rude if I tell you that it's cat food, "not even fit for a horse!"

Nick P. [leprakahn at sprynet dot com]