Dinosaur (Single)

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Originally released: 1995
Live tracks recorded in Buenos Aires, October 1994, for B'BOOM Official Bootleg - Live In Argentina 1994


  • Robert Fripp (guitar, soundscapes, mellotron)
  • Adrian Belew (guitar, voice, words)
  • Bill Bruford (acoustic & electronic percussions)
  • Tony Levin (upright & electric basses, backing vocals)
  • Trey Gunn (stick, backing vocals)
  • Pat Mastelotto (acoustic & electronic percussions)



Music by King Crimson, words by Adrian Belew.

  • 4'39 Dinosaur (edit)
  • 7'33 VROOOM (single version, remastered)
  • 1'16 Cloudscape (live)
  • 4'06 Elephant Talk (live)
  • 5'53 Red (live)


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 14-Jun-96
By: George Korein (Mopobeans at aol dot com)

"Cloudscapes is a mystery- a B'Boom outtake? it seems serve the same function as the Stick Improv... Trivia notes: the liner notes title the live album "Indiscipline", not B'Boom, and the lyrics to Walking on Air are printed backwards on the back (what'll they think of next?)."

Date Submitted: 27-Jul-98
By: Christopher Cunnigham (chrislee at neo dot lrun dot com)

"my first krim purchase. bought it right after projeKct 2 came thru cleveland. adrian performed "dinosaur" at the show, just him and an acoustic guitar, and it was blissful, as was the rest of the show. bowled me over completely. these songs were the perfect introduction to 90's krim for this newcomer, who wouldn't have thought that an old prog could learn a new trick. somehow, i expected something at least vaguely reminiscent of 21CSM and itCotCK, the only krim songs that my local classic rock station will touch. imagine my surprise. well, to put an end on it, i've got 11 krim albums, so far, and love 'em all, from the earliest to the most recent. where has this band been hiding all my life?"