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More information about the activities of members of King Crimson can be found using these discographical resources:


King Crimson and Robert Fripp

  • The excellent Robert Fripp discography is compiled by John Relph (relph at tmbg dot org).
  • Due to the fact that John Relph has stopped updating the Robert Fripp discography, the only actual and transparent official King Crimson discography (English/Russian) remains in the Treasures (Сокровища) section of the IndoorGames – The Russificated King Crimson site, maintained by Vladimir Kalnitsky (indoor-games at narod dot ru).
  • In conjunction there is a separate listing of King Crimson Covers maintained by Per Andersson (perand at abc dot se).

Tony Levin

  • Tony Levin's discography can be found at his Web site.

Bill Bruford

  • Jeff Lefferts maintained a discography for Bill Bruford, and he bequeathed his discography to the Official Bill Bruford site. The discography includes album cover images and sound samples.
  • Fans of Bill Bruford are invited to also check out Matt Putzel's Yescography – The Yes Discography. It contains a lot of reviews and information on Crimson albums and Bill Bruford's solo works, as well as Yes.

Mel Collins

  • A discography for Mel Collins has been maintained at ET for many years.