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What is ETWiki?

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Following the end of the newsletter, and the recognition that other sites on the Web provide terrific forums for chit chat, such as Krimson News, it was determined that it made sense to convert the old ET Web site into a wiki site. After all, the content had been contributed over time by our readers, and this way, the archives could grow more organically.

So ETWiki is exactly what you'd expect it to be: the number one site for information about King Crimson and Robert Fripp. The difference now is everyone can contribute directly. All you need to do is establish an account and login to be able to edit unprotected content.

We'll still have folks around to maintain a little order, but if you are familiar with Wikipedia and other similar wiki sites, you will hopefully feel comfortable here.


Many people have been amazingly generous with their time, kindness, and enthusiasm to help with many aspects of putting together Elephant Talk. In addition to the hundreds of contributors, we want to specially thank (note: contributions listed may refer to the old ET Web site):

Stephane Alexandre (Elephant Walk), Henry Andrews, Steve Ball, Ken Bibb, Mark Butler, Craig Dickson, Mike Dickson (ET Distribution), Jeff Duke Jr. (KCNN/Krimson News), Udo Dzierzanowski, Bill Forth, Robert Fripp, Joe Germuska, Graham Gough, Nadim Haque (Webmastering), Gordon Henderson, Terry Kalka, Claas Kazzer (Exposure Pages), Tony Levin, Aidan Loyns, Sarah Metivier, Ken Mistove, Hugh O'Donnell, Chad Ossman (Robert Fripp Flash Timeline), Kathy Ottersten (Tour Dates Pages), Mark Perry, Anil Prasad, Jim Price, John Relph (Digest script and Discography), Paul Richards, Alex Rubli, Tim Ryan (ET Logo), Paul Stewart, Steven Sthole (FAQ), Mike Stok (Crimso Archives and Perl help), Michael Tedesco, Paolo Valladolid, Matt Walsh (ET Tribute), Jeffrey Weinberger (Elephant Tape), Adrian West, Myra Wong, Michael Wyzard (Fripp Postings).


We welcome any thoughts you have on these pages. Please email Toby Howard, or Daniel Kirkdorffer, with any comments, criticisms, ideas, or offers of help (we'd really appreciate that!) you might have. We will try to reply to everyone. Thanks!