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ETWiki was created following the end of the Elephant Talk Newsletter (also known as the Elephant Talk Digest). Much of the content from the old ET Web site has been transferred to the new ETWiki, but in some cases it was deemed that the content was out of date, no longer relevant, or simply not worth the trouble of converting.

Where we haven't converted content, we make reference to it on this page.


ET Newsletter

The ET Newsletter archives used to be stored and searchable by Mike Stok at the Unofficial Crimso Archives site, but it has since been discontinued. For now, they can be found instead as raw text files https://www.elephant-talk.com/digests

The 1998 April 1st edition of ET (Digest 481) was rather special -- a hoax from beginning to end compiled by Toby, Dan (ET Webmaster) and Mike (ET Admin). Not all ETers got the joke, and some responded vigorously to the posts. We spared their blushes by not publishing them.

Robert Fripp was a regular reader of ET. He felt that you either didn't read it at all or you read it all. He chose the latter. Michael Wyzard compiled a list of Fripp's postings to the newsletter for those that are interested in quickly tracking them down.

Exposure Pages

Claas Kazzer did a comparitive study of the various releases of this fine record, and created a number of very detailed Web pages dedicated to it. We've retained these in their original format.

Midi Audio Files

A number of ETers contributed midi files that we want to still provide access to. You can access them from their original home at the old Audio page.

Miscellaneous Reviews

We had a mishmash of reviews covering things like the Epitaph and The Night Watch listening parties back in 1997, and a few other non-King Crimson reviews. Rather than delete them, or convert them to ETWiki, here is a simple link to the original pages.


We didn't have a lot of articles at ET Web, but the few we did have are accessible here.


ET Web had a page of photographs of King Crimson and related artists. You can still find the old page here.