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What is the new King Crimson doing?

This is a question with an ever changing answer. The best way to find out is to go to the DGM Live site and check out the news. Robert Fripp's diary will also be a great source of information about whatever the band is up to.

What KC/Fripp recordings have come out recently?

Another question with an answer that changes with time, so rather than list recording here we'll give you a few places to look for the answer:

  • ETWiki's King Crimson Releases and Robert Fripp Releases pages lists the releases in chronological order.
  • John Relph's superbe, and ever up to date, discography lists everything, including download only recordings.
  • You can go to the source at the DGM Live Library to find all the downloadable recordings as well.
  • Finally, you should be able to purchase CDs and DVDs at the DGM Shop. They'll definitely be stocking all the recent releases.

Is King Crimson on tour?

Depends when you ask!

Rather than duplicate information readily available elsewhere, we'll just point you to it:

This is a very useful page beyond just finding out when the band is touring, because you can quickly find downloadable audio files for the shows that have them, for present and past tours.

What's new from DGM?

Why are you asking us? Ask DGM. They have an active news page with all the latest news.

What is the Collectors' Club?

Ok, we can help you with this question.

The Collectors' Club was created as an outlet for King Crimson collectors to obtain historic recordings from the DGM archives, as well as from current KC and ProjeKct output. These recordings may be of marginal quality (more akin to 'bootlegs'), or may not be appropriate for the mass market. Each release is usually accompanied by a written commentary by a band member or close associate or observer of the band, and some releases have been double-CDs.

Original called the DGM Collectors' Club, then renamed the King Crimson Collectors' Club, but usually simply referred to as the Collectors' Club, releases can only be purchased through the DGM Shop.

I missed out on the first Collector's Club releases. Can I obtain them now?

Yes. While older releases may go out of stock, they have been known to be made available again after a time at the DGM Shop.

Collector's Club releases have also been re-packaged in as (Japanese) Pony Canyon box sets. In addition to the re-packaging, it should be understood that the recordings themselves may be altered. For example, the length of Trees (from CC#1) was a little over 4 minutes in length, whereas the original track on Live At The Marquee was 18 minutes and 41 seconds.

The policies of the King Crimson Collectors' Club with regard to this issue have in the past been stated as follows:

"Club releases appear in box sets in Japan as part of Discipline's distribution deal with Pony Canyon. These releases are normally edited forms of the full club releases."


"Some releases will be of limited appeal. When the first run is sold, there may be a delay before it becomes feasible to press a second run. We can therefore not guarantee that all releases will be available all the time."