Heavy ConstruKction

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Originally released: 2000
Recorded live during the 2000 European Tour.


  • Adrian Belew (guitar and vocals)
  • Robert Fripp (guitar)
  • Trey Gunn (touch guitar, ashbory bass, talker)
  • Pat Mastelotto (electronic drumming)



CD One:

  • 6'20 Into The Frying Pan
  • 8'29 The ConstruKction Of Light
  • 5'25 ProzaKc Blues
  • 8'35 Improv: Munchen
  • 5'44 One Time
  • 5'24 Dinosaur
  • 4'44 VROOOM
  • 8'46 FraKctured
  • 7'38 The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
  • 9'22 Improv: Bonn

CD Two:

  • 4'30 Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream
  • 6'30 Improv: Offenbach
  • 3'54 Cage
  • 12'51 Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part Four
  • 3'42 Three Of A Perfect Pair
  • 8'26 The Deception Of The Thrush
  • 6'11 Heroes

CD Three:

  • 5'40 Sirap
  • 4'11 Blastic Rhino
  • 0'58 Lights Please (part 1)
  • 6'02 ccccSeizurecc
  • 4'11 Off And Back
  • 3'14 More (And Less)
  • 6'59 Beautiful Rainbow
  • 4'07 7 Teas
  • 4'49 Tomorrow Never Knows Thela
    • including Tomorrow Never Knows
  • 7'59 Uböö
  • 11'10 The Deception Of The Thrush
  • 3'24 Arena Of Terror
  • 4'53 Light Please (part 2)


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 16-Nov-00
By: Dave Freshman (David.Freshman at phs dot com)

"This 3 CD set shows very clearly why King Crimson is the best group in their field, and are at the top of their game. The compositions come to life, with a number of them coming off much stronger than the album. The versions of FraKctured, TCOL, Sex, Larks' Tongue PT IV and Vroom take on a power and dimension of pure transcendence.

"For me, the real treats are the Improvs and the 3rd CD. The sense of adventure, mood, and atmospherics are truly beautiful and frightening at the same time. I was fortunate enough to see KC in Denver at the Gothic Theatre this past October, and to see the way this group plays together, with a sense of joy and humor that is very often missed when performing this type of music, is so refreshing. The dynamics and intensity of King Crimson 2000 is very much alive in this GREAT 3 CD set. Treat yourself today!!"

Date Submitted: 17-Nov-00
By: Bill N (billrn at prodigy dot net)

"Hevey ConstruKtion is one of the best live King Crimson albums.

"Like the Great Deciver, Hevey ConstruKtion has that perfect balence of songs and improvised material that make Crimson so exciting on stage. "Into The Frying Pan" and "Wax Museum" take on vitality that does not come across on the studio versions. Crimson also makes subtle but interesting rhythm changes to their album cuts: they're not only playing the songs to please the fans, but using their live shows to rexamine their material. Always searching for possibillities, the band sounds quite fresh.

"More good news: the improvosations work. "Bonn" for example, is based around a reletively simple riff, but Crimson find permutations where no other band (at least in this era) would think to look. Unlike ThrackAttack, these improvs are sharp, lean and on target. Maybe four heads are better than six.

"The third disc has some good ideas, but the improvosation is much more effective when buffeted by songs. That is what the 1973-74 band understood so well, and why those concerts are touchstones now.

"The new model Crimson has the potential for this type of greatness: pared down to four men, you get that type of telelpathy that is harder to find with a six-person unit. Nobody is afraid to get in the other's way here, and the chemistry seems just right.

"Fear not.....we not only have an album here....I think we have a future."

Date Submitted: 19-Nov-00
By: Jean-Jacques Leca (zwortz at aol dot com)

"I had been a little bit disappointed by "contrukction of light", but this 3-cd live record is a very good one. It is the missing link between "the great deceiver", the projekcts (1, 2, 3, 4 and X) and Thrakattak. Nothing to get rid of. The great Crim strikes again."

Date Submitted: 21-Nov-00
By: Bob T (rltowler at aol dot com)

"Way Cool! These discs haven't left my player since they have arrived at my house. I didn't allow expectation to become part of the process and instead I just let these marvelous sounds become what they wished.

"Despite being a ProjeKct fan I was pleasantly surprised that the "so called older" tunes really hit the spot. It sounds like these guys are having fun. "One Time " and "Cage" whet my appetite for the Belew Show when it hits the road.

""Tomorrow never knows" is a delight and I "wonder" what John might have thought of it. I think he'd like it."

Date Submitted: 23-Nov-00
By: (jcb813 at aol dot com)

"This is it, Buy it now. Crimson Wails, Snarls, Barks & Bites. The live TCOL material has the show legs we all expected! Disc three exists in the future, buy it and catch up!"

Date Submitted: 24-Nov-00
By: Brian Mulligan (lauramulligan at snet dot net)

"Great sound Belew's voice a little shaky at times ( throat problems ) 3 c.d.s for the price of two. 50% from material ( great especially acoustic three of a perfect pair and Fractured sounds better live ) 50% improv ( o.k. ) Material from Construction of Light is very good live."

Date Submitted: 21-Dec-00
By: Andrei Turusinov (results_ark at hotmail dot com)

"I was at the KC concert in Warsaw on June 11, having intentionally covered all that big milage from Arkhangelsk, North Russia. The difference between the studio album TCoL (I am sure you know how it had been recorded) and the performance of the same music in concert became obvious to me already after few seconds of the show. And this was the exact reason why I was so anxious to listen to a CD with records made during the concert tour. Unfortunately, this album appeared in Moscow too late, however, I am glad it finally has made there! At long last I have listened to it!

"Well, the sound is truly better than the TCoL studio CD - how could they contrive to make SUCH a careless (or should I say conceptual?) recording in a studio (even if it was a home studio) that the concert recording made by a soundboard sounds better? So, if someone wants to listen to the TCoL pieces with a relatively good quality, he or she just absolutely has to buy this three disc album. Many excellent improvisations are the plus (especially, on disc three), great picture in the leaflet and a 45 minute video (on disc two). By the way, the video is dumbly password protected in a stupid way, forcing a user to somehow senselessly register at DGM web site. It's an absurd marketing effort, because one can easily watch the video without the registration.

"After my familiarization with Heavy ConstrucKction I am still waiting patiently when DGM will finally start deliverying the promise to release each concert of the tour on CD's and video. I made my order long ago!"

Date Submitted: 29-Dec-00
By: Adam Mizelle (adammizelle at earthlink dot net)

"This is Thrakattack and The Great Deciever for the year 2000. Pat likes to run sampled speech during the improvs (and on 'FraKctured' when I saw them in Chicago), and the effect is kind of like the coda way back on 'Larks' Tongues Part I'. Funny how technology can reconnect us with history.

"P.S. Check out Trey's Primus-y riff behind Fripp's solo on 'Oyster Soup'."

Date Submitted: 26-Jan-01
By: Michael Adashefski (oingoboingo100 at earthlink dot net)

"Can anyone think of another band capable of performing a more wicked improvision than King Crimson? Nope, didn't think so. This is by far the best sounding live album in the Crimson King's history with a mix that gives the feeling that the band is playing in your room. The 3 discs have enough to fill everyone's plate, raw power, humor and those wonderfully pretty moments that float like clouds. Having seen this line-up at last year's Nashville warm-up gigs in a room the size of a small cave I was expecting the sound to be similar to those gigs. Wrong was I--again! Aside from the increase in volume of the gigs represented here Pat also uses a much larger drumkit than the smaller electronic kit used at the warm-ups and the band sounds full and energized throughout. This is a must for all Crimheads. Play it loud! And once again--leave the cameras at home!!"

Date Submitted: 1-Mar-01
By: Carmelo Borondo (cborondo at eniac dot es)

"El nuevo directo de King Crimson me parece muy bueno. La nueva formación tiene fuerza en directo aunque creo que la batería agobia un poco la música. Lo bueno de éste triple compacto es que contiene en su integridad el último disco de estudio The Construkction of light. Este disco sin ser una maravilla tiene alguna canción que me ha gustado mucho, a destacar The frying pan, Fracktured, Larks IV y la titulada al igual que el disco. Son canciones muy buenas y además ganan en directo. En cuanto al resto de canciones del triple CD, son canciones de los 90. No han tocado nada en la gira anterior, o sea de los 70 o 80.

"La pega que le encuentro al directo es el poco griterío del público. En ocasiones no parece ni que sea en directo. Me da la sensación que al arreglarlo han eliminado todo ruido proveniente del público. Se nota en la sensacional versión acústica de Three of a perfect pair, donde no se oye ningún grito por parte del público durante la canción, y me resulta imposible que la gente no la tarareara. Aún así un disco recomendable a pesar del elevado precio aquí en España (6500 pesetas)."

Date Submitted: 13-Apr-01
By: Mike Mclaughlin (mikemclaughli41 at hotmail dot com)

"Heavy ConstruKction. Take the title, does it describe what I found in this bumper package? Yes, it is indeed heavy (this Crim tour was certainly heavy as was TCOL) is it ConstruKction? Yes, there are some well constructed pieces of music and some improvised marvels here for the listener's delight. On to the album itself now I think...

"The album opens as I believe most of the tour did with Into The Frying Pan (when I heard this live my heart jumped out of my mouth ran around the room and then jumped back in screaming "This is what it's all about!" I was in seventh heaven, but that was nearly a year ago in a city many miles south of here now I sit listening with great interest to the fantastic music (and the irritating whine of my girlfriend who A: "can't stand The Noise" and B: wants to listen to the Corrs (for the ten thousandth time).

"Fast forward to a more recent listening two weeks ago I sit once again with the volume up high and the speakers to either side of me. This is a very good album, I would definitely say I enjoy King Crimson live albums (almost as much as I enjoyed the London gig on the TCOL tour) each one offers something new to the listener (the only ones I own and have a negative comment on are B'Boom which is marred only by it's obviously having been recorded early in the tour as musical slips are sometimes blatant, and The most recent Collectors Club release (Plymouth 1971) whose second disc begins with possobly the worst editing I have ever heard between the audience bootleg and the desk recording) anyway enough digression those are points I should have mentioned in the newsletter I'm supposed to be giving my thoughts on Heavy ConstruKction. The first two discs show at least a glimpse of the power of King Crimson on the recent tour while the third disc (my personal favourite) contains some of the most stunning improvs I've ever heard (bear in mind I have not purchased The Great Deciever boxed set yet) I find myself constantly revisiting this disc for the purpose of compiling tapes for the car stereo, a strange hobby (particularly considering the closest I get to a car stereo of my own is my walkman but you get the picture) I have indeed spent many an evening lying back and listening to disc three with my eyes closed.

"The video on disc 2 is again a stunning look at one of the shows (sadly for me not the one I attended but that just made it more interesting) and a worthwhile multimedia addition (unlike some I have found on other artist's more recent albums).

"In conclusion if you're reading this page trying to decide whether or not this CD is worthwhile I'll put it in simple terms. I think it's fantastic. enough said."

Date Submitted: 22-Apr-01
By: Rick Morris (ric_morris at lineone dot net)

"I bought this album with expectations aroused by ET and DGM Guestbook postings and listened to it first on a portable stereo while papering the bathroom. Wow! That paper flew up by itself and there were few complaints from the rest of the family which sadly often occurs when I play KC. Well done gentlemen!"

Date Submitted: 27-Jul-01
By: Eric Odijk (ericodijk at hetnet dot nl)

"This is a very nice one, although on a few songs I get the feeling that Pat M. just plays his part without filling in the gaps that Bill Bruford used to play. Still a good album, but I think this line-up behaves like a ruin of the six-piece that came before it. They did not rearrange the older songs to fit this line-up. But that could be my opinion."

Date Submitted: 12-May-02
By: Douglas MacMillan (dmacmillan at cogeco dot ca)

"Just picked up heavy construction.and this baby burns,fripps angular,jagged guitar solos knocked me up against the wall all you crimheads run out and get it !!!"

Date Submitted: 1-Aug-02
By: Chris Lawless (lawford42 at june dot com)

"One of the best things about a new King Crimson studio album is the fact that there is always a tour that ensues to support said new release. And any Crimson fan will tell you that unless you have seen them perform live, you have only experienced half of what this band is all about.

"Last year, King Crimson unleashed their then new studio album, "The ConstruKction of Light" (which made my Top 5 of 2K, by the way) upon the music world, and then set about on a massive tour all over the globe. In particular, they spent over a month in Europe and took the opportunity to make DAT recordings of each and every performance, which by all accounts, were nothing short of stunning. So over the course of time, a live album was culled together, and ultimately, it was decided to release the set to coincide with Crimson's late Autumn tour of North America. Thus, we have "Heavy ConstruKction," a three–CD set featuring a complete evening's performance on the first two discs and a collection of one–off improvisations on the third; not to mention the fact that the second disc is enhanced and contains some live concert footage.

"The set–list on the first two discs is fairly similar to what King Crimson performed during their stint in North America. The majority of the material is taken from "The ConstruKction Of Light," but there are also a few tracks from their previous studio album, "Thrak," as well as a few different improvisations that were performed (albeit differently) every night. Rounding out the set is an acoustic version of "Three Of A Perfect Pair" performed by Adrian Belew, and an excellent cover of David Bowie's "Heroes." To the album's credit, live performances have always been where this band has earned its well–deserved accolades. Anyone who thinks for a moment that all the musical mastery of a King Crimson album comes from unlimited time in the studio need only give "Heavy ConstruKction" a single listen to be proven wrong. If anything, the band sets even higher goals for itself in a live setting and the performance of all four members each night shows exactly how serious they are about what they are doing.

"A perfect example of this is the album's second track (again, "The ConstruKction Of Light"). After a rhythmic, oddly erratic, build–up, guitarist Robert Fripp seamlessly moves into one of his sustained staccato guitar leads that most would find damn near impossible to even memorize, much less duplicate. Trey Gunn matches Fripp with an equally energetic, all over the (fret)board bassline that literally dances around the composition. And Pat Mastelotto keeps the rhythm going with off–time, yet perfectly synched to the song, drumming (call it organized chaos). All the while, Belew's lyrics muse about the relevance of Andy Warhol's contribution to the world and whether or not God is still alive, and also how both seemingly unrelated topics affect his place in the world. It certainly sounds insane when you try to explain it, but it all makes perfect sense within the context of King Crimson.

"Interestingly enough, the performance contained on this set are mainly instrumental in nature. Vocals do appear in some of the tracks, but when they do, you realize that you have become so enraptured in the musical performance that you've forgotten there's actually singing in some King Crimson tracks. This is okay though, because the absence of a singing part means that Belew has more time to focus on his own unique method of guitar playing, which again, only adds to and enhances the eclectic mix of Fripp, Gunn, and Mastelotto.

"As mentioned earlier, the third disc consists of a set of one–off improvisations that have been culled together to present, as Fripp puts it, "A cohesive presentation out of a series of incoherent events." It is a pretty interesting concept that works quite well, but you would be advised to not listen to disc three after having just listened to the first two. Considering the nature of a King Crimson improvisation, the third disc really stands better on its own. I made the mistake of listening to the entire album at one shot and found myself not enjoying the third disc at all. But when I gave it another spin by itself, I not only enjoyed it a lot more, but it seemed to take on a personality all its own, completely different from the first two discs.

"And for those of you who are aware of the band's requirements for a live performance (including no smoking in the theatre and no flash photography), there are two tracks ("Lights Please," parts 1 and 2) where Fripp literally stopped mid–performance when someone took a picture of the band and sternly (yet, politely) demanded that the photographer pass his camera up to the front of the stage. It actually gets pretty interesting when the audience starts ragging on the culprit as well, but you will hear that for yourself.

"Heavy ConstruKction" is one of those albums that is going to log a lot of time on your CD–player and with good reason. This is King Crimson for the 21st century, and you damn well better be ready for it."

Date Submitted: 14-Jan-04
By: Scott McFarland (mcfarland at ac-tech dot com)

"Oh dear, was my first reaction to hearing this set. They’re constantly pursuing a clean metallic sound the likes of which I remember well from 24 years or so again when I was the world’s biggest Rush fan. I still remain skeptical of this band’s direction, but I have come to appreciate some of the new compositions played on here, such as “The Construction of Light” and “FraKctured”. There is good and bad here."