Live in Hyde Park, 1969

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Live in Hyde Park, 1969
(KCCC #12)
Live in Hyde Park, 1969 cover
Live Album by King Crimson
Released 2000
Genre Progressive rock
Length 62:05
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King Crimson Collectors' Club chronology
Live at Moles Club, Bath, 1981
Live in Hyde Park, 1969
Nashville Rehearsals, 1997


Originally released: 2000 (Only through the King Crimson Collectors' Club)
From the 5th July, 1969 performance at Hyde Park in London, England.


  • Robert Fripp (guitar)
  • Ian McDonald (flute, saxophone, mellotron, vocal)
  • Greg Lake (bass guitar, lead vocal)
  • Michael Giles (drums, percussion, vocal)
  • Peter Sinfield (words and illumination)


(Note: click on title for lyrics)

  • 6'37 21st Century Schizoid Man (Fripp, Lake, McDonald, Giles, Sinfield)
  • 6'31 In The Court Of The Crimson King (McDonald, Sinfield)
  • 9'41 Get Thy Bearings (Donovan arr. Fripp, Lake, McDonald, Giles)
  • 4'28 Epitaph (Fripp, Lake, McDonald, Giles, Sinfield)
  • 3'04 Mantra (Fripp, Lake, McDonald, Giles, Sinfield)
  • 5'37 Travel Weary Capricorn (Fripp, Lake, McDonald, Giles, Sinfield)
  • 3'59 Mars (Holst arr. Fripp, Lake, McDonald, Giles, Sinfield)

Bonus Tracks:

  • 15'20 Band reunion meeting (Epitaph Playback, London March 15, 1997) - Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald, Greg Lake, Michael Giles, Peter Sinfield, Dik Fraser, Richard Vickers, and Ingrid Pape (photographer)
  • 6'48 21st Century Schizoid Man: instrumental version (Morgan Studios, June 12, 1969)

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User Reviews