Live in Mexico City, 1996

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Originally released: 1999 (Only as a limited time free download through BootlegTV (now defunct))
From the August 2-4, 1996 performances at The Metropolitan Theatre, Mexico City.


  • Robert Fripp (guitar, soundscapes)
  • Adrian Belew (guitar, voice)
  • Trey Gunn (touch guitar)
  • Tony Levin (basses, Stick)
  • Pat Mastelotto (acoustic & electronic drums & percussion)
  • Bill Bruford (acoustic & electronic drums & percussion)



Music by King Crimson. Words by Adrian Belew. Except "Prism" - music by Favre.

  • Dinosaur
  • One Time
  • B'BOOM
  • Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream
  • Talking Drum
  • Larks' Tongues in Aspic (Part II)
  • Neurotica
  • 21st Century Schizoid Man
  • Prism
  • Red

Total Running time: 1h07m22s
Download size: 32,451 KB


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 20-Aug-99
By: Jeff Sontag (jasontag at csionline dot net)

"Download this NOW!!! If you don't have a T1 line or a Cable Modem, find someone who does and beg, cajole, or bribe them into downloading this for you. This may well be the best representation of the Double Trio released yet; the band has never sounded so ALIVE! The material is attacked, that is the only word to describe it, with zest and confidence. With the exception of "THRAK " and "Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream", which are average, the performances captured here can at least hold their own against any other live versions released to date. And "Neurotica" and "21st Century Schizoid Man" are worth the download time by themselves. As far as the sound quality, it is excellent; you would never think of it as anything other than a standard CD recording. The only flaw I noticed is that the bass harmonics seem to be significantly truncated on the middle sections of both "VROOM VROOM" and "Red"; if this is dut to a limitation of the WMA format, it certainly should be addressed. However it does not present a significant-enough problem overall to temper my enthusiasm for the release.

"If this is an example of the quality of offerings that will be available over the Web, then I'm sold!"

Date Submitted: 31-Aug-99
By: David Schroeder (davids at ezy dot net)

"Well, once again Crimson has given their fans another great show to listen to and it's a freebe to boot (no pun intended, maybe)! Anyway, after an incredible first year of the King Crimson Collectors Club the band releases a free download for all those willing to take the time to put it onto their computer, and may I say if it had taken an entire day to download, it would have been worth every second! The double trio breath life into an excellent set list that even has the band doing a seldom heard version of 21ST CENTURY SCHIZOID MAN! It was another brilliant rendition of a truely timeless piece of music that I have yet to get tired of hearing. Belew does a fantastick job putting his vocals on this masterpiece. Another classik song NEUROTICA is amazing with the double trio 'blowing it out of the water' ,just as they did on the'On Broadway' cd. This song seems to have found a new home in the 90's incarnation of the group. Other songs include an interesting piece named PRISM, TALKING DRUM, ONE TIME (i love this song it's very moving), the always present RED and a bunch of other Crimso Favs. Overall there is nothing bad to be said about this show and I thank the band for the privilege to listen thru the new technology. For those of you who seem to have a problem because of the Microsoft connection, my advice is to get of your soapbox and get on your headphones and enjoy the free show; afterall, it's all about music, isn't it... and I don't care how it comes to me just as long as it keeps comming."

Date Submitted: 8-Sep-99
By: Eric Kearns (ekearns at lvcablemodem dot com)

"A wonderful idea that should be exploited over and over. I was happy to hear Prism----- I heard it in Atlanta at the Roxy and I loved it. Great stuff. Neurotica is quite a pleaser for me! I had a great evening just sitting back and listening for free too!"

Date Submitted: 26-Sep-99
By: Phil DeMario (demario at erols dot com)

"I highly recommend you take the time to figure out how to get this sucker onto your computer (and into your ears) -- you will be rewarded for your effort! At first listen I thought "Well, here's yet *another* recording of these songs by this lineup, I already have them on several other releases (Deja Vroom, B'Boom, Cirkus, Thrak, etc.), ho-hum..." but on subsequent listenings I discovered why these particular shows were chosen for release -- they exude an incredible energy -- they are charged! The performances are tight, vigorous, and organic. "Dinosaur" is simply my favorite version of a great tune, "One Time" is both tender and tense, "Neurotica" smokes and I'm especially fond of "21st Century Schizoid Man" with Adrian's great solo (which reminded me of how amazing his playing was on the Talking Heads' "Remain In Light" album). This freebie is a great gift from KC."

Date Submitted: 14-Jan-00
By: Bob Towler (rltowler at aol dot com)

"Maybe now that Mr. Gates has stepped down from the Microsoft Mountain top he can devote his energies to other pursuits. If this Art and Technology partnership is an example of the results from the Microsoft "World Conquest" then you can count me as a willing victim. Just as the music of Motown "lived" despite three-inch car speakers this concert has a wonderful life of it's own-despite slow as eternity download times and the "ever present threat of World domination by the Evil Empire."

"Mr. Fripp, thanks for the music and what is your "Star-Wars" name."

Date Submitted: 18-Jan-00
By: Gunnar Schillings (aquamine at iafrica dot com)

"We have a slightly different opinion about the Mexicali release.

"Sex sounds actually very motivated, if a bit in direction Cat Food. The bit of B'Boom - Thrak where somebody plays the piano sound is reminiscent of Keith Tippet, but of course not as immediate, as a synth was triggered from something (touch gtr?). This part with Rob coming in later bears something of a Lizard. We were not too unhappy with the bass response, but very unhappy with the "sucking" effect on the drums!

"As if the drums were played backwards. This may be due to heavy compression at the live gig? You can hear this especially in the first couple of songs, where drums stick out more. If this is though an "effect" introduced by the new internet technology, this should really be addressed. But we wonder, it does seem to be there in Neurotica as well, and the rest of instruments come in alright. We suspect the live gig did it. In 21st the drums sound gobbled up by the next phrases, as if the drummers did not remember how the song goes, or the others jumped to too early conclusions, we prefer Earthbound to this. Guitar playing is though nice on this one. But maybe a certain schizoid approach was adopted on it. The drums throughout this release are a bit in the background, not only in comparison to other groups , but to KC themselves. As today is the 15th of January 2000 and this material is more than 4 years old, we say: ya, nee, fine.

"Because after all it is a very fine music altogether."

Date Submitted: 21-Oct-00
By: Eric (ericodijk at wanadoo dot nl)

"I downloaded the file but can not connect to the license server. I know a few songs from it through Cirkus, but I want this! Songs I don't have from this are Schizoid and Talking Drum. Why is this no regular cd or at least a club release?"