Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream (Single)

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Originally released: 1995


  • Robert Fripp (guitar, soundscapes, mellotron)
  • Adrian Belew (guitar, voice, words)
  • Bill Bruford (acoustic & electronic percussions)
  • Tony Levin (upright & electric basses, backing vocals)
  • Trey Gunn (stick, backing vocals)
  • Pat Mastelotto (acoustic & electronic percussions)



Music by King Crimson, words by Adrian Belew (except Silent Night).

  • 5'29 Walking on Air (recorded live at the Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, on 1 July 1995)
  • 3'42 Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream (edit)
  • 3'55 Heartbeat (recorded live at the Cordova, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 1994)
  • 4'00 One Time (edit)
  • 2'50 Silent Night (Fripp)


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 5-Nov-96
By: Michael Zink (dpgumby at csd dot uwm dot edu)

"Too bad its out of print. Hey I've got my copy!"