The Beginners' Guide To The King Crimson Collectors' Club

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Originally released: 2000


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A compilation featuring tracks from the first eleven King Crimson Collectors' Club editions.


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 30-Aug-00
By: Eric Odijk (eric.odijk at grontmij dot nl)

"Not being a member of the Collectors Club (yet) I was happy that a sampler was released. Now I can try out a good set of songs that represent the quality of those official bootleg club cd's.

"21st Century Schizoid Man (From CLUB10: King Crimson - Live in Central Park, NYC, 1974) A special thing, since it was to be their last gig in the Cross/Bruford/Wetton/Fripp line-up. Good performance, very intense, although I would have opted for Starless. Sound quality is average, good drum sound, good voice, but a little weak in the higher cymbal range. Nice as a Club release, but it would not be good enough for a regular cd release, so it's right this way.

"I Talk To The Wind (From CLUB1: King Crimson - Live at The Marquee 1969) Good version, I think it monaural, but who cares, but there's a tape dropout somewhere in the middle. I think I could have saved it there, with my computer, because there is no drum beat at that moment, and I would have dubbed a second from another moment of the same song onto that small flaw. Nobody would hear it.

"Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part 1 (From CLUB3: King Crimson - The Beat Club, Bremen 1972) Jamie Muir! Also monaural, but what a great sound! I would release this cd regularly, since it sounds very good. And what a good interaction between Jamie and Bill. One of the reasons for buying this compilation.

"Ladies Of The Road (From CLUB2: King Crimson - Live at Jacksonville 1972) First I thought this was the same version as on Cirkus, but then it isn't. Sound quality is not that good, when they play loud the sound is like recording something too loud on a cassette. This line-up wasn't that bad, I like those dirty lyrics, Boz has the right voice for a song like this.

"The Sailor's Tale (From CLUB9: King Crimson - Live at Summit Studios 1972) Now this sounds a lot better than anything I heard live from the Boz-period. I think this cd can be released regularly. It would make a good double cd if combined with an earlier Boz-gig where they play different songs (like Jacksonville). If Summit Studios was not only available to Club members, I would buy it. Funny: the snare drum is mixed to the left instead of center, where it should normally be.

"Thela Hun Ginjeet (From CLUB11: King Crimson - Moles Club, Bath, 1981) Good song, okay, but where's the drummer? Sound quality is not so good, but I get the feeling that the band plays very intense. Not suitable for normal release.

"Elephant Talk (From CLUB4: King Crimson - Live at Cap D'Agde 1982) Simple: good song, good version, great recording quality thanks to Roxy Music, this Club cd should be available for a greater audience. But I think they won't do it, because it would interfere with the Absent Lovers cd and the Frejus video.

"People (From CLUB5-6: King Crimson - On Broadway - Live in NYC 1995) Good recording, but then again, this is 1995 and recording facilities are good these days. Also this double cd can be released, it's good enough, but this one would interfere with B'boom, I guess. Well worth the money.

"Funky Jam (From CLUB8: King Crimson - The VROOOM Sessions 1994) Ow, this is goood! Quality, playing, atmosphere, this club cd is very interesting. Recorded before their first gig, this band is here still figuring out how to make a double trio. I guess the rest of CLUB8 will also very tasty!

"Seizure (From CLUB7: ProjeKct Four - Live in San Francisco 1998) Fripp and Belew are great as a double guitar tam, but here there is no Ade Belew. But all Crimso members are good at interactive playing, this bass-like twin work is very very good, the Roar Of P4 is wonderul. Release this officially, mister Fripp, this is great stuff. You'd have me as a buyer!

"Overall: this cd is exactly what you'd want it to be. A great sampler and very representative of the Club releases. I now know which ones I'd buy and which ones I wouldn't. My opinion: the following cd's should be released to the greater public: CLUB3 with Jamie, CLUB9 from Summit, CLUB5-6 from Broadway and CLUB7 from P4. I would buy them. Now I don't like to join the Club yet, since KC is not the only band I listen to, but I don't know anymore. Can any clubmember buy them for me? I'll pay you back!"

Date Submitted: 7-Oct-00
By: (rg429 at hotmail dot com)

"An excellent overview of the KC Collectors' Club releases, and not a bad introduction to the band in general. It's a good (and relatively inexpensive) choice for those who are curious to hear more live material but don't want to shell out $96 for a Club membership, at least...

"1. Schizoid Man - Possibly the best version of this song I've heard yet. Sound quality is only so-so, but the performance simply smokes.

"2. I Talk to the Wind - Puts the original "Court" version to shame, imo. I haven't figured out why there seem to be two Gregs singing, but this is a small complaint..

"3. Larks' Tongues Part I - Somewhat shortened, but there are enough percussive oddities to keep the listener's attention. I only wish I could have seen what Muir was doing to make all that noise.

"4. Ladies of the Road - Mediocre performance, mediocre sound quality. Beatles fans may like the song, but it's below par for Crimson.

"5. The Sailor's Tale - Meager sound quality, but the composition itself is amazing. Fripp's writing skills were truly starting to come through by this time. I'd previously had no inclination to add Islands to my collection, but this is beginning to change my mind..

"6. Thela Hun Ginjeet - Sound quality is murderous, about as bad as the two Boz tracks on "Cirkus." The recording seems muddled as a result, even though the performance is top-notch. Ade changes the spoken words and includes a brief "Exposure" reference.

"7. Elephant Talk - One of the better versions I've heard, although in my mind no live version yet has topped the original.

"8. People - Sounds largely the same as on Thrak.

"9. Funky Jam - Reminds me of "When I Say Stop, Continue." I wonder why. This is much like a ProjeKct track, only with all six together.

"10. Seizure - Earth-shaking! Don't turn the bass up too high or you'll crack some windows. Why wasn't this on "West Coast Live"? It almost sounds like a written composition in places due to the complex bass grooves between Levin and Gunn. If you like P4, it's possibly the best reason to pick up this compilation.

"All this for $10 - not a bad deal, eh?"