The Noise - Frejus 1982 (Video)

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Originally released: 1984
A concert by King Crimson recorded at the Arena, Frejus, France, 27th August 1982.


  • Adrian Belew (guitar, vocal)
  • Robert Fripp (guitar)
  • Tony Levin (stick, bass guitar, support vocal)
  • Bill Bruford (drumming)



All songs written by King Crimson.

  • Waiting Man
  • Matte Kudasai
  • Sheltering Sky
  • Neal and Jack and Me
  • Indisciplin Indiscipline
  • Heartbea Heartbeat
  • Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part II


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Entire Video

Date Submitted: 19-May-96
By: (magimac at magibox dot net)

"I saw both "The Noise" and "Live in Tokyo" twice apiece in college, and have not found either of them since. I do, however, remember very distinctly that "The Noise" was the superior set. Particularly valuable were the versions of Neal & Jack & Me and The Sheltering Sky, neither of which were featured in the Tokyo set. Actually watching Belew and Fripp have a guitar storytelling duel for "Sheltering Sky" impacted me so profoundly that it has remained one of my very favorite Crimson songs ever since. (So much so that I have twice requested of Mr. Belew that he facilitate me seeing it performed live "in front of me," but those are stories in themselves...) "Waiting Man" was similarly exceptional. However, the "Live in Japan" tape does stand out in contrast for its blistering "Sartori in Tangier." Alas, are these anywhere to be found?

"Just commenting off the top of my head. Don't mind me."

Date Submitted: 29-Nov-97
By: James Beard (jwb2 at ukc dot ac dot uk)

"I just received yesteday my copy of DGM's newly released and repackaged Krimso live video from 1982 (although the content remains the same as the original release).

"What a great gem. How come it's taken this time to release it properly in this country? The film style is *so* much better than last years' Live in Japan. You can actually see what's going on on stage without having to get a headache! A blistering set, started off by Waiting Man - nice to see Bruford and Belew both drumming together at one point. And Fripp evem smiles a few times too!

"A must-get for any 80s-era Crimson fan. I hope the ToaPP Live in Japan one is as good as this."

Date Submitted: 13-Dec-97
By: Daniel Kirkdorffer (DanKirkd at aol dot com)

"This show was the first time I saw King Crimson live, and it has always been a great pleasure to watch this video to re-live the memory.

"King Crimson opened that night for Roxy Music, who were on their Avalon tour. Even at the show we were aware that Swedish television was filming the event, so it isn't so suprising that this video was made. (The Roxy Music set is available on a live CD they released in 1990 called Heart Still Beating, on Reprise Records, and Indiscipline is also available on CD as the last track on CD #4 of the Frame By Frame box set - for the completest who wants it all!)"

"My only regret is that this video omits three tunes they played that night. The actual playlist was: Waiting Man Thela Hun Ginjeet (omitted) Red (omitted) Matte Kudasai Sheltering Sky Neal and Jack and Me Elephant Talk (omitted) Indiscipline Heartbeat Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part II

I recommend this video for any King Crimson fan."

Date Submitted: 13-Apr-98
By: Etienne (fido.the.gnome at videotron dot ca)

"I saw it as a tv program in the 80's. I knew little about King Crimson when i saw it, just the song "Elephant Talk", but that show introduce me to the world of King Crimson. Great intro it realy amazed me, watching these two guys, Belew & Bruford, drumming the beggining of "Waiting Man", that i didn't knew at the time. The guitar solo on that song is so good, but the highlights of the show are "Indicipline" with Belew destroying is guitar, the atmospheric and strange "Sheltering Sky" and the incredible "Larks' Tongues P2". I think the solo, Belew on guitar, is better than the solo, Cross on violin, in the original version of that one."

Date Submitted: 14-Oct-99
By: John Spokus (Originalwtk at aol dot com)

"Until now it was nearly impossible to get a copy of this in the U.S. . My copy is a bootleg that I bought in the late eighties. This is simply the greatesy concert video ever filmed. I am so sorry that I missed seeing them live in this period. I understand that in Europe Roxy Music was on the tour, what a fantastic double bill that must have been. I did see Roxy live on their summer '83 tour hear in Baltimore and it is still my favorite live show to date; however we had to suffer through an awful opening set from Modern English."

Date Submitted: 22-Jan-02
By: (fcprates at hotmail dot com)

"I've read these reviews, here in ET before, and when I saw it available, I didn't even think twice: I bought it it instantly.

"Suffice is to say that I was increbibly rewarded by such incredible musicianship, and I was also amazed at how Adrian, Robert, Tony and Bill were amazingly having one hell of a good time when playing these songs.

"Even without the advantage that technology brings to us nowadays--the electronic drums were pretty limited, and the guitar synths weren't as amazing as they were in '95, they still proved that no one could use such a technology--back in '82--better than them.

"Apart from all that, they made music that simply could stir feelings within you in an almost unearthly way. Two examples would be "Waiting Man"--the best version I've ever heard--and "The Sheltering Sky"--one of my favorites, and now, this version turned out to be my favorite. And how much they were rejoicing from playing these songs! Amazing, just amazing.

"I could go on forever, but from the eighties KC, these were the best versions I've ever heard from these songs. Too bad that the show wasn't available in its' entirety, and shame on you folks for editing "Indiscipline" which, as far as I know, it's the most jaw dropping version I've ever heard--wonder what else Bill must have done, besides what you can see on the video, which is, absolutely superb.( Isn't there a complete version of that one somewhere?)

"Regardless, it's just the best live video I've ever seen from the 80's inkcarnation of King Crimson: four, enthusiastic gentlemen which did their efforts on stage with pure joy and commitment. Boy, they were surely having some fun on that one, and you can feel it all the way. And they were an opening act!

"Poor Roxy Music...after this, I wouldn't dare going on stage.( Feel free to erase that remark, if you will, but you know it's the truth)

"I dunno for sure, but I've heard that the Cap D'agde show was even better. If so, then I don't even know what to think: these guys in 1981/82 were the best band in the world, undoubtely.

"Amazing, just amazing. More than that. There's no words to describe it. I'm proud to be a KC fan until the day I die, and things like that keep me assured of that.

"Too bad I was two years old, and only when ten years old I would enter this wonderful world.

"Okay, I'm reading too much into it; just you bear this in mind: BUY THE NOISE RIGHT NOW, FOLKS! You won't regret, for sure."