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Originally released: 2001


  • Robert Fripp (guitars, soundscapes)
  • Adrian Belew (guitar, voice)
  • Bill Bruford (acoustic & electric drums & percussions)
  • Tony Levin (basses, stick)
  • Trey Gunn (touch guitar)
  • Pat Mastelotto (acoustic & electric drums & percussions)



All songs written by King Crimson, except Prism (Favre) and Free As A Bird (Lennon).

VROOOM VROOOM - Live in Mexico City
Metropolitan Theater Mexico City, August 2, 3, 4, 1996

  • 2'44 Coda: Marine 475
  • 5'05 Dinosaur
  • 4'51 B'Boom
  • 6'39 THRAK
  • 4'03 The Talking Drum
  • 6'13 Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part II
  • 3'40 Neurotica
  • 4'24 Prism
  • 7'03 Red
  • 2'27 Improv: Biker Babes of the Rio Grande
  • 7'37 21st Century Schizoid Man

ON BROADWAY - Live in New York City
Longacre Theater New York City, November 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 1995, except Walking On Air from the Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA, June 30, 1995)

  • 1'57 Conundrum
  • 6'44 Thela Hun Ginjeet
  • 5'12 Frame By Frame
  • 6'12 People
  • 5'52 One Time
  • 4'55 Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
  • 7'16 Indiscipline
  • 1'50 Two Sticks
  • 5'14 Elephant Talk
  • 4'16 Three Of A Perfect Pair
  • 3'47 B'Boom
  • 6'43 THRAK
  • 3'03 Free As A Bird => Reviews
  • 5'35 Walking On Air


Reviews are listed in chronological order within each section. Please retain a chronological order when adding new reviews.

Entire Release

Date Submitted: 27-Oct-01
By: (GenoTT at aol dot com)

"Phenomenal! Not only does DGM finally present the definitive snapshot of the Double Trio in action, but they give the die-hards an early crack at it a month before it hits the streets. My head's been blown apart and some friends are still refusing to speak to me until I shut the noise off. But I don't care... this is the biggest-sounding, most roaring, pounding, screaming monster of a live album KC has put out yet. Yeeee ha ha ha ha ha... keep away the children. Insert more maniacal laughter as you see fit.

"The band is in high Thrak/Discipline mode through the Broadway tracks; not taking wild leaps and bounds but finding new ways to fill out the songs with the two additional parts. "One Time" and "Walking on Air" are spooky, almost haunting, and achingly beautiful. "Indiscipline" is the most manic and deranged version I've heard yet. "Thela" could have done without the taped spoken-word segment; I get the feeling everyone could really stretch out during the song, but they all hold back to keep in synch with the tape. Ah well, it's almost perfect.

"Mexico City... wow. Unreal. The Cirkus tracks gave only half the picture. Here the pieces are filled in - "Talking Drum" provides the missing lead-in to what's still the most blazing "Larks' II" on record to my ears, and "Thrak" is unedited. I initially wondered about seeing yet another "21CSM" on the playlist, but it benefitted from not being played in 22 years.. it's almost (gasp) bouncy! Adrian sounds just a little out of place, whinging through the words without any vocal distortions, but everything else blazes. Check the bridge - it's inhuman! Bruford rips through as if he's trying to push the tune to the fastest tempo humanly possible, and you can almost picture everyone else almost starting to panic before they begin madly flailing to keep up. The sound mix on disk 1 is searingly primal and the performance is simply incredible. I almost wonder if they were all hopped up on caffeine and speed that night.. no matter, this is the hottest date Crimson's given us ! a snapshot of yet.

"Overall this is 26 tracks of Crimsonian mayhem, music on the edge of chaos, well worth your money if you think the songs on Thrak had a little more potential than they realized in the studio. We also get a short-but-sweet group improv (although I can only count four of them playing - better give it another listen), a gentle double-Stick interlude, and two very different percussive duets ("Conundrum" and "Prism"). Flaws? Only two: the unnecessary repetition of "B'Boom/Thrak" on each disk, and Adrian's solo "Free as a Bird." A small nuisance to skip over when there's so much more to enjoy.

"Insert even more maniacal laughter as you see fit."

Date Submitted: 21-Nov-01
By: (mantra1574 at aol dot com)

"This album is Definitely one of King Crimsons best live albums yet. I picked up this cd about a week ago and it hasnt left my cd player yet!!! I really like the Mexico Cd alot. How they combine some newer Crimson songs mixed with older ones. Its just the most perfect combination of Crimson songs ever put together by the band. I was so surprised that they had 21st Century Schizoid Man on it though. But Adrain's voice sounds kind of wierd in it, but it is different, thats all that matters to me.

"I also like Prism, it is a sweet Improv. song that combines a bunch of different drum sounds.

"I am so happy now that King Crimson finally had made a Douple Trio album. by far this is one of my favorate Crimson Albums."

Date Submitted: 5-Dec-01
By: Hector Diaz (hectordiazt at yahoo dot com)

"For long time I've waiting for KC live in Mexico DF. I am very happy for this. Mexico DF is a significant city for the world and a concert there is more significant.

"I hope that someday KC will play in Santiago, Chile, another spiritual city on the world.

"Many tracks are wonderfull. "21st Century Schizoid Man" a wonderfull surprise. Ahh! Don´t like so much KC playing covers such "Free As a Bird" or "Prism" or now playing "Heroes". Really, I like so much this songs but not for KC. I feel when a band never play cover is strong otherwise is weak. Maybe "Free as a bird" can be replacement by "Cadence and Cascade"; "Prism" replacement by "Sailor´s Tale" with a tremendous duets Bruford-Mastelloto. It is more dignity!. I love The Beatles or Piere Favre, but they are a step down than KC. Why to down?.

"Finally, I am happy with my historic record oh KC."

Date Submitted: 8-Jan-02
By: Juergen Joachimsthaler (juergen_joachimsthaler at hotmail dot com)

"Disc 1 of "Vroom Vroom" shows us, that the material of "Thrak" could be MUSIC and not only sweet singing poppy Belewism, Disc 2 that the terror of sweet singing repertoire even sometimes has a little place for music."

Date Submitted: 14-Jan-02
By: Tiziano Rea (tiziano at riverdeep dot it)

"Mentre la nuova Line-Up è impegnata a completare il nuovo lavoro in studio, Robert Fripp, nell'attesa, ha pensato bene di deliziarci con questo doppio live registrato uno in Mexico City nel 1996 e l'altro a Broadway nel 1995. Il primo CD contiene delle canzoni estratte dalle 3 date tenute in Mexico nel 1996, che qualche fan particolarmente appassionato aveva già potuto ascoltare, in parte, scaricandolo, con molta pazienza, da internet. Nella scaletta proposta sono presenti brani tratti da varie epoche Crimsoniane, oltre alle immancabili improvvisazioni. Ma il grande punto di forza di questo Live in Mexico City è rappresentato dall'ultima traccia presente, ovvero la mitica 21st Century Schizoid Man che venne risuonata dai Crim durante la turneè del 1996 dopo più di vent'anni e che nella versione del Double Trio acquista una carica e potenza che farebbero rabbrividire chiunque sulla faccia della Terra. Si potrebbe pensare che tutto sommato ci si trova difronte al solito live dei King Crimson, tecnicamente perfetto, registrato bene ecc ecc.

"In realtà, non appena ci si immerge nel secondo CD, Live On Broadway, si sale letteralmente in paradiso, a parte un potente intro di batteria (Conundrum) si parte poi con Thela Hun Ginjeet che farebbe impazzire il più esigente appassionato di tempi dispari, si segue poi con Frame By Frame dove si resta stupiti per l'alta qualità dei suoni che i signori Fripp e Belew riescono a tirar fuori dalla loro chitarre.

"Ne segue un pacchetto di tre canzoni tratte da Thrak che sarebbero degne di nota (in particolare Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream) se non fosse che subito dopo abbiamo una versione di Indiscipline dove Bill Bruford si produce in una performance letteralmente superlativa oltre che incredibilmente potente.

"Altra curiosità legata a questo secondo CD è la presenza, come penultima traccia, di Free As A Bird di John Lennon, registrato dai Beatles pochi anni fa e che Adrian Belew aveva già registrato in un suo album in studio. Insomma, penso che molti farebbero bene a procurarsi questo live, soprattutto chi non conosce i King Crimson o chi pensa che siano dei vecchi ormai destinati alla pensione."

Also published in the Italian magazine "Metal Shock" (Number 350, January 2002)

Date Submitted: 11-Aug-02
By: Eric (ericodijk at hotmail dot com)

"Finally, the search for the official recordings of the complete Mexico 1996 gig is over! Becoming familiar with KC just after it was possible to download the official concert release I only heard parts of it on the Cirkus release. But now, finally, I have the double CD Vrooom Vrooom in my CD player and it is truly amazing. What can I say that has not been said before? Nothing, except that this double CD is a must-have. Go, buy it, go go go! As a bonus you'll get an extra disc with a NYC concert as well, with loads of extra minutes of pure fun. Did I say buy it? Yes? Well, again, order this!!"

Date Submitted: 11-Oct-02
By: Chris Jones (chris.jones.05 at bbc dot co dot uk)

"To the uninformed, a new Crimson live album is probably a pleasure that is lost in the plethora of material currently on sale (at least ten live albums!). Vroom Vroom, however, applies the pleasure principle to the max. Previously available only to the initiated (On Broadway via the collector's club and Mexico City via download), DGM have finally set these monsters loose on the unsuspecting masses. As Robert Fripp himself states: " &this is an opportunity for the wider world to get lucky and Crim-out."

"The use of the phrase 'get lucky' was never more apt. Mr F always claimed that the difference between KC in the studio and live was akin to the difference between a love letter and a hot date. The grainy visceral quality of the Mexico gig is, indeed like 'going all the way' - sweaty and fleeting. Maybe audiences in Central America are less male-orientated than the normal beard-stroking devotees, but this is avant-metal at its sexiest. Fripp's measured noise, here comes across as far filthier than the norm. A dangerous ragged beast pixellated by Adrian Belew's incandescent fretwork. Witness the crushing intro to "Larks Tongues In Aspic" and the truly punishing power of "Red". All propelled by a steam-hammer rhythm section of bass players Levin and Gunn and drummers Bruford and Mastelotto.

"Possibly the only criticism to level at this double set is the chronological incongruity which results in the first disc being from 1996 and the second from 1995. The second disc's set from the Longacre Theatre, Broadway shows the double trio format finding its feet on the Thrak tour - highlighting the more melodic side of their persona with the lovely "Walking On Air" and "One Time", yet still interspersed by jagged classics such as "Indiscipline". Again, as Fripp says: "It was a messy conglomerate of exceptional, exuberant, experienced and energetic talent&". Compare and contrast the thrill of the line up attempting more vertiginous numbers such as "Neurotica" on the 1996 Thrakattak tour. This is a band that is having large amounts of FUN - even dusting off the ancient history of "21st Century Schizoid Man" for one more spine-tingling ride around the block. Crimson on this superb form will always be the most intimate and dangerous encounter you could wish for. Go out and score..."

Free As A Bird

Date Submitted: 3-Nov-01
By: (Amacaa at aol dot com)

"the night I saw this was meaningful for a few reasons loving crimso and Adrian as much as I do and have for years seeing both live several times this night I was first row center (as cliche as that can sound ) there was no less than two feet between the band and myself at the palace theatre new haven ct I lost my brother the same day we lost Lennon it was the night before "Anthology" was released with much anticipation of the new Beatles track when Adrian sang that song it was overwhelming for me I will never forget the feeling"