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EXPOSURE The Differences

Last Update: 11 January, 1998 (several additions/changes)

On this page you will find more detailed information
on the tracks of Robert Fripp's first solo album EXPOSURE
as well as on the differences between the respective releases of it.

You may also go directly to the original 1979 Liner Notes.

The Lyrics and some infos on "the Story" behind the album, which also has further information on some of the tracks.

Further down this page you will find a Track by Track Listing which gives information on the individual tracks.

For a complete list of EXPOSURE-related postings to Elephant Talk you can consult the Crimso Archives Search Engine.

The full text of most of the interviews excerpted here can be found in the respective ET-digests or in the ET Interview pages.

NOTE: I would like to thank all those who contributed to these pages, sent criticism and bore with me through the long intervals between updates.


Before really getting into the actual details I should mention that since the Definitive Edition (DE) and the 1985 Remixed Version (REMIX) seem to have had as their  bases the same tapes, the main focus of this page is on the differences between these two and the 1979 release. However, some of the differences listed here may be due to the different sound qualities of vinyl, analog, and digital technologies used (the 'white noise', for example, comes to mind) and therefore not actually constitute 'real' differences. Also, I've largely ignored NETWORK, since this compilation seems to largely use the 1985 remixes (except the track God Save the King being an abridged (?) version).

Since the EXPOSURE originally intended by Fripp is (still) lost to us - though rumour has it that it exists -, the only thing one can do to get at least a sense of what it could have been like, is to listen to the SACRED SONGS pieces that were co-written by Hall/Fripp or to try out the playlist Fripp mentioned in 1978. Reputedly, there also was a Dutch radio show in which a version of Exposure was aired that had Daryl Hall on vocals.
For those interested it should not be too difficult to find a used copy of the 1979 release in some second hand music stores. Some on-line stores regularily list it, along with FOUR FROM EXPOSURE.

Track timess given are those of my CD-player (two to three seconds difference to yours could be considered normal) and those stated on the LP.

I'll mostly refer to the 1979 release as EXPOSURE1, to the 1985 release as REMIX and the Definitive Edition as DE.

General Differences

The 1979 vinyl (first pressing only?) came withINNER GROOVES which ran on Side One: »1981 - IS THE YEAR OF THE FRIPP« and on Side Two: »THE AIM IS FREEDOM CONSCIENCE AND TRUTH«.

This release is generally »rougher« in the mix, which is apparent in the rawness of tracks like DISENGAGE, as well as the prominence of the »white noise« that was added here and there (WATER MUSIC II for example).

Both, REMIX and DE appear to have had something like reverb added, while the DE has a notably wider range of sound and clarity than the REMIX.

EXPOSURE1 has a total length (if I added everything up properly) of 44:57 mins, the REMIX-CD comes to a total of 45:56, the DE to 43:47 mins.

Slightly longer track times could be due to the CD's reckoning silent intervals between the tracks as belonging to the respective track, but I'm not sure.

Andrew Russ pointed out that the reasons for »the difference in times between the different editions of EXPOSURE (particularly the REMIX and the DE) [...] can be found in the different lengths of Water Music II -- the difference there between Remix and DE is over 2 minutes, and a few odd seconds can be found on the other tracks, i would presume. The one minute of additional music on the first  version (EXPOSURE1) versus the DE is more complicated, including the additional music on Water Music II, but also the sundry longer/shorter fades and what not.

Track by Track Listing

In the following I will give a track by track listing which doesn't claim to be complete or anything. If you wish you can also access specific tracks directly from here:

Side One

1. Preface
2. You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette
3. Breathless
4. Disengage
5. North Star
6. Chicago
7. NY3
8. Mary


1. Exposure
2. Häaden Two
3. Urban Landscape
4. I May Not Have Had Enough Of Me But I've Had Enough Of You
5. First Inaugural Address To The I.A.C.E. Sherborne House
6. Water Music I
7. Here Comes The Flood
8. Water Music II
9. Postscript



Music: Fripp

Brian Eno's recorded voice starts off the record: »Uhh can I play you uhm some of the new things I've been doing which I think could be commercial.« or words to that effect, recorded in a Greenwich Village Falafel place.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 1:20;

REMIX: 1:15;

DE: 1:15;

This track appears to be basically identical on all three versions.


Music: Fripp/Hall;

The credits on FOUR FROM EXPOSURE run: Robert Fripp Guitar, Frippertronics, Daryl Hall Vocals, Jerry Marotta - Drums, Tony Levin Bass;

This song is sung by Daryl Hall, the lyrics are by Fripp. The piece contains a recording of SHIVAPURI BABA (probably from a kind of interview J.G. Bennett had with him, since such a talk is part of the Bennett Tape Library). It is said that he was some 130 odd years old at the time of this recording (Tamm mentions 137 years). The quote runs: »Think of God alone. Dismiss every other thought from your mind and you will see God.« (or something like this).

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 2:23;

REMIX: 2:23;

DE: 2:25;

Again the tracks seem to be identical.


Music: Fripp;

The credits on FOUR FROM EXPOSURE run: Robert Fripp Guitar, Frippertronics, Narada Michael Walden Drums, Tony Levin Bass;

An analysis of this track in Fripp's own words can be found on the EXPOSURE Main Page.
There is this very fast guitar which starts the track, then the song 'breaks down' and resumes. Here the REMIX/DE versions have that guitar from the beginning of the song again, EXPOSURE1 doesn't. Apart from that I didn't notice any real differences.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 4:41;

REMIX: 4:39;

DE: 4:43;


Music: Fripp/Hammill; Lyrics: Walton

This piece contains a recording of Fripp interviewing his mother about his toilet training (more details on EXPOSURE Main Page). Peter Hammill sings.

According to Tamm [Tamm, 111] »Fripp had made the backing tracks, then stuck a lyric sheet in front of Hammill and said 'Sing.'«
The vocals on the EXPOSURE1 seem much rougher (a point made by many posters to the ET digests). Also, the vocal phrasing is notably different during the first part of the song.
The middle seems identical in all three versions. REMIX/DE versions have a long »Disengage« sung just before the song ends which is not on EXPOSURE1. Both, REMIX and DE have a slow, constant fade at the end, the EXPOSURE1 version ends rather abruptly.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 2:46;

REMIX: 2:53;

DE: 2:54;


Music: Fripp/Hall; Lyrics: Walton

Credits as given on NETWORK: Phil Collins - Drums, Brian Eno Synthesizer, Robert Fripp Guitar, Daryl Hall Vocal, Tony Levin Bass Guitar, Sid McGinniss Pedal Steel

The only difference I noticed is that this track is slightly longer on both, REMIX and DE, that is, the fade and the end is longer. Jeremy Jacobs [budazach at ix dot netcom dot com] mentions that »the DE has Hall singing a completely different melody line on "I'm still tonight" than what is on the original. That was my favorite part of the song, and I almost wrecked my car when I heard the different vocal line!«

Mike Hightower wrote that on »the Definitive Edition of EXPOSURE [...] RF's guitar line (in the right channel with lots of reverb [actually, I only assume it's Fripp] is different. In particular, he hits a wrong note, but quickly corrects it. [... I]t's during the part where Daryl Hall sings, "Touch here. Now warm. Now near." It's fairly near the beginning of the track. Also, it might actually be a pedal-steel guitar put through reverb.«

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 3:06,

REMIX: 3:14,

DE: 3:12;

NETWORK: 3:08;


Music: Fripp/Hall; Lyrics: Walton

Peter Hammill sings. The vocals and the vocal phrasing are notably different, esp. at the beginning of the song (DE and REMIX being the same). The DE has a longer fade at the end.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 2:12;

REMIX: 2:11;

DE: 2:18;

7: NY3:

Music: Fripp

More information on this track is on the Main Page. The track appears to be identical on all versions apart from EXPOSURE1 having a very distinct keyboard(?)-sound which runs throughout the track and which is absent from REMIX and DE.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 2:16;

REMIX: 2:17;

DE: 2:19;

8: MARY:

Music: Fripp/Hall; Lyrics: Walton

Tamm writes: »This was one of the songs which Daryl Hall sang on the original, unreleased EXPOSURE; Roche learned the vocal part by listening to tapes of Hall's improvised versions.« [Tamm, 112]. Terre Roche is on all three versions. On REMIX and DE she takes a deep audible breath at the beginning of the song which isn't on EXPOSURE1.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 2:06;

REMIX: 2:10;

DE: 2:09;


Music: Fripp/Gabriel;

The credits on FOUR FROM EXPOSURE run: Robert Fripp Guitar, Frippertronics, Terre Roche Vocals, Jerry Marotta - Drums, Sid McGuiness Rhythm Guitar;

This song contains the by now famous quote from Bennett »It is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering.« In an interview with Ron Gaskin Fripp explains: »[...] the point is, much suffering is unnecessary. Greed, for example. All the suffering involved with greed. It's wholly unnecessary. I'm greedy. If I could give up being greedy, I would have a lot more energy to suffer in a ... in a more appropriate way.« The quote on the album stems from lectures around the idea of »Conscious Labour and Intentional Suffering«
REMIX and DE start into the song with two »It is impossible...« quotes, EXPOSURE1 has only one. On the 1979 release Peter Gabriel growls away very deeply underneath the track, very much like on the version of Exposure on his 2nd album. This seems absent from REMIX and DE, neither is he mentioned on FOUR FROM EXPOSURE. After about 4 minutes into the track Mrs. Roche ads a nice little extra »HAH!« shout which is only on the EXPOSURE1 version and which quite a few people really seemed to like. On this release the song ends with the chanting of »... R ... E ... X« while REMIX and DE just end with »...U«.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 4:25;

REMIX: 4:26;

DE: 4:27;


Music: Fripp

This is the »incredible, dismal, pathetic chord sequence«. The opening part is shorter on REMIX and DE as well as the intervals between the tape splices. This is the track with the reversed quote from Monty Python: »One thing is for sure, the sheep is not a creature of the air.«
On EXPOSURE1 there is this keyboardy sound again (like on NY3), and there are more taped voices at the end of the piece than on the REMIX/DE versions. These are: Eno: »It was an incredible little piece very, very impressed by it.« Bennett (& sbd. else): »Ahh, ... (garble) how wonderful.« Eno: »It just has none of the qualities of your work that I find interesting. Abandon (?) it.« Bennett: »More good advice could hardly be packed into one sentence than that is there.« Unknown woman's voice: »Both those things were true, that's (?) definitely true.« Deadly laughter and »Oh dear. Oh dear«

Track times:


REMIX: 1:56,

DE: 1:57;


Music: Fripp

This piece seems to be identical on all editions. There is a different (maybe the 'original'?) URBAN LANDSCAPE on Daryl Hall's SACRED SONGS, providing one of the many links between the two albums.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 2:35,

REMIX: 2:35,

DE: 2:35;


Music: Fripp; Lyrics: Walton

Musically this song bears very close resemblance to NYCNY on SACRED SONGS. Hammill and Roche (?) sing. EXPOSURE1 has the keyboardy NY3-sound again on one channel which seems to be absent from the REMIX/DE for most of the time. The fade at the end is much shorter on REMIX and DE.
On the topic of additional reverb Mike Hightower adds: »... during I May Not Have Had Enough of Me... Peter Hammill sings the word "Or" which precedes the line "that it is the way it is". I don't recall his voice having quite as pronounced an echo on it in the original. The only other note from that track is the guitar part Fripp is playing in the left channel in the beginning might be different. In particular, he plays something fairly similar to some track on Bowie's SCARY MONSTERS AND SUPER CREEPS (Either Scream Like a Baby or It's No Game).«

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 3:50,

REMIX: 3:38,

DE: 3:38;


Words: Bennett (that is, he held the original lecture);

This seems identical. Fripp claims that he »included [the lecture] in it's complete form at the end of I May Not Have Had Enough of Me, But I've Had Enough of You. [...] It's put up some six-and-a-half thousand octaves, condensed to three-and-a-half seconds from it's original fourty minutes.« [Gaskin interview]. Some readers of Elephant Talk discussed the plausibility of this claim and conducted various experiments, yet, whether its possible or not remains a mystery. Good one!

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 0:03;

REMIX: 0:06;

DE: 0:07;


Music: Fripp; Words: Bennett

(on NETWORK the only credits given are: »Taped Voice J.G. Bennett«)

On the 1979 release the frippertronics play on for slightly longer before and after the Bennett tape.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 1:27,

REMIX: 1:19,

DE: 1:19;

NETWORK: 1:16;


Peter Gabriel is credited for composition of this song. The Lyrics are here.

NETWORK gives credits for: Brian Eno - Synthesizer, Robert Fripp Frippertronics, Peter Gabriel Vocal and Piano;
The credits on FOUR FROM EXPOSURE, however, run: Robert Fripp Guitar, Frippertronics, Peter Gabriel Vocals, Piano;

REMIX and DE seem to have had some reverb added and the vocal phrasing seems slower for much of the song than on EXPOSURE1.
REMIX, DE and the version on the 1979 release are very similar until »...hollow shoulder, across the waters« where on EXPOSURE1 frippertronics come in and stay until about »...jaded underworld was riding high« . At »...and as the nails sunk in the cloud...« a 'fiddly' guitar rhythm comes in and stays throughout the first chorus. At »If again the seas are silent...« there is a pipey sound which rather reminds me of an organ very different from the pipe-sound on REMIX and DE version. Frippertronics come it at »... gave their island to survive...« and stay until »Don't be afraid to cry at what you see...«. At »And if we break before the dawn...« the 'fiddly' guitar enters again and stays throughout the chorus. The pipe-sound is there again at »If again the seas are silent...«. The rest is very similar to REMIX/DE, apart from EXPOSURE1 having a slower fade at the end.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 4:01;

REMIX: 3:52;

DE: 3:55;

NETWORK: 3:54;


Music: Fripp

The different Track timess are self-explanatory. Interestingly Mr. Fripp seems to have been very indecisive about the appropriate length of it. The »white noise« added seems more prominent on EXPOSURE1.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 4:16;

REMIX: 6:26;

DE: 3:55;


Credits: Fripp

The POSTSCRIPT sounds the same to me on all versions.

Track times:

EXPOSURE1: 0:37;

REMIX: 0:39;

DE: 0:40;

Hope you've enjoyed this.

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