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Gathered here are various essential links for King Crimson and Robert Fripp enthusiasts.


Official Sites

Active Band Members

DGM Live
The Official DGM Web Site. Info about DGM artists and offerings, Robert Fripp's diary, online shop and high quality audio download files.

Robert Fripp - Speaking Engagements
Site dedicated to Robert Fripp's non-playing work with his sister Patricia Fripp.

MySpace: Robert Fripp
Robert Fripp's MySpace page.

Three of a Perfect Pair Music Camp
Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and Pat Mastelotto's music Camp Site.
The official Adrian Belew Site.
The official Pat Mastelotto Site.

MySpace: Pat Mastelotto
Pat Mastelotto's MySpace page.

Pat Mastelotto's MasTicA
Pat Mastelotto's MasTicA Web Site.

Tony Levin's Road Diary
The official Tony Levin Site.

Former Band Members
The official Web site of Bill Bruford and Bill Bruford's Earthworks.
The official Trey Gunn Site.

MySpace: Trey Gunn
Trey Gunn's MySpace page.
The Official John Wetton Web Site.

21st Century Schizoid Band
King Crimson alum project. Check out what Michael & Peter Giles, Ian McDonald, Mel Collins and Jakko M Jakszyk are up to.

David Cross and Noisy Records Ltd.
The official David Cross Web Site.
The official Greg Lake Web Site.

Song Soup On Sea
The official Peter Sinfield Web Site.
The official Gordon Haskell Web Site.
The official Ian Wallace Web Site.

Keith Tippett
The official Keith Tippett Web Site.

Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald Drivers Eyes Web page at Camino Records.

Fan Sites

Elephant Walk
Stephane Alexandre maintains these superb pages dedicated to the 6 live incarnations of King Crimson.

King Crimson Live!
A complete list of King Crimson concerts and the recordings (legit and bootlegs, along with album covers) that cover each show. Amazing!

Robert Fripp Timeline
Chad Ossman has developed this Flash navigable chart of all the releases Robert Fripp has performed on. Nicely done!

Robert Fripp Family Tree - Pre-King Crimson
An incredible list of bands and musical groups Robert Fripp played in before King Crimson, going back to 1958, maintained by Bruno Ceriotti.

Planet Crimson
A forum for folks who live the King Crimson lifestyle and are proud of it.

ProjeKction - King Crimson Net
A forum about King Crimson releases and concerts featuring reviews and news.

The FraKctured Zone
Mark Graham has put together a site dedicated to info about "Fracture" & "FraKctured"... well someone had to!

Andrew Keeling Musical Guides to KC
Andrew Keeling has embarked on a series of interactive CD-ROM guides to the music of King Crimson that include in-depth analysis, photographs, musical notation diagrams and a score that can be printed out or played via computer. Click on the "Musical Guides" link.

King Crimson Spanish Site
Alejandro Cosentino maintains this site for Spanish speakers, borrowing a little from what we've done here at ET Web.

Lukasz Drozd has put together a Crimson page for Polish speakers. He has also created a Polish version of the ET FAQ.

Yahoo Group: King Crimson
Sean Tonar invites everyone to partake in the commentary and comaraderie of this club/discussion group, founded by Hans Scheepers.

Yahoo Group: Crimson ChecKout
Thomas Poisson founded this club/discussion group for Crim people who want to exchange music recommendations that are in the same spirit as Crimson and might appeal to Crimson fans.

Yahoo Group: King Crimson Italia
Umberto Fidanza invites Italian speaking King Crimson fans to the this new discussion group.

Yahoo Club: King Crimson Brazil
Portuguese speaking King Crimson fans are welcome on the Brazilian discussion group.

Indoor Games - The Russificated King Crimson
Vladimir Kalnitsky is proud to welcome all Russian speaking King Crimson enthusiasts to his website.

233° C
Irakli Suladze present his translation of the 'Russificated King Crimson' book into Georgian.

Yahoo Group: Adrian Belew's Tribe
Yahoo group dedicated to virtuoso guitarist Adrian Belew.

In The Dead Of Night
Ron Chrisley's UK Web Site.

David Cross Page
Eugene Poliakov maintains another site dedicated to David Cross, and home of the Official David Cross newsletter "Calamity".

Mel Collins
Mel Collins Bio site.

King Crimson Web Ring
The King Crimson Web Ring is another means of finding other web sites of interest.

Promenade The Puzzle
Jon Green invites you to his site. A beautiful illustrated, 20 chapter long, exploration of the lyrical, pictorial and conceptual metaphors of Peter Sinfield's work from within to beyond the context of early King Crimson.

King Crimson Picture Archive
Svante Pettersson's pages of Crimson pictures.

Innerviews - Music Without Borders
Anil Prasad's pages feature interviews and stories on a whole barrel of artists including Tori Amos, Animal Logic, Laurie Anderson, Adrian Belew, Bill Bruford, Camel, Dave Cousins, Geoff Downes, Trey Gunn, Steve Hackett, Happy The Man, Michael Hedges, Deborah Holland, Allan Holdsworth, King Crimson, Leo Kottke, Tony Levin, Manteca, Michael Manring, Marillion, Loreena McKennitt, Pat Metheny, Steve Morse, Outback, Spirit of the West, Strawbs, Tempest, Timbuk3, Richard Thompson, John Wetton, and Kit Watkins.

Larks Tongues in Aspic Wallpaper
Raytraced Lark Tongues' in Aspic images by Dave Grossman.

King Crimson - O Rei Escarlate
Site brasileiro criado por Antonio Carlos Castejón sobre o King Crimson com: história da banda, discografia, imagens, textos, links, grupos de discussão, letras de todos os álbuns traduzidas para o português e muito mais.

King Crimson - Italian Forum
Il forum italiano sul Re Cremisi.

Guitar Craft

Guitar Craft
The official Guitar Craft Site.

California Guitar Trio
The California Guitar Trio Official Web Site. Many KC fans will have seen the CGT, or heard their CDs, alone or as part of the Robert Fripp String Quintet, and know them to be terrific musicians. Find out more at their official web site.

Los Gauchos Alemanes
Los Gauchos Alemanes web site. They have some short audio clips from their CD "Little Beast" as well as some screen shots from the video for "Voices of Ancient Children" which is included on their enhanced audio CD, available through DGM records.

Seattle Circle
Seattle Circle web site. Seattle is one of the primary gathering places for Crafties, worldwide. Curt Golden, Steve Ball and the Seattle Guitar Circle invite you to check out the Northwest. Performance, instruction, news, links and more.

Tuning the Air
Tuning the Air is a performance project of Seattle Circle. The team has performed 130 shows since April of 2005 and is about to begin its sixth season. Tuning the Air is currently: Igor Abuladze, Jaxie Binder (co-Producer), Chris Gibson, Curt Golden (co-Producer), Travis Metcalf, Taylor Sherman, Howard Snyder, & Bob Williams. The circular configuration of the project (players encircle the audience) will be quite familiar to Crafties. And what the team does with that geometry will surprise and delight.
Steve Ball's web site for photos, diaries, music, stories and more.

The Europa String Choir
The Europa String Choir, a project by Cathy Stevens and Udo Dzierzanowski, whose release The Starving Moon features a contribution by Robert Fripp.

the archive
You are also invited to visit, which showcases the music of three crafty guitarists: Dave Stafford and Bryan Helm, in both acoustic crafty and ambient electronic permutations, and Travis Hartnett (TikTok) in solo and group configurations. The page also features streaming and downloadable MP3 files, MIDI files, graphics, links, and presents in addition the work of artists Peter Schaefer, Ken Mistove, Saffron Matted Voids and Electrochakra.

KC Peripheral Bands and Artists

First World
First World web site. This is the home of Trey Gunn, Bill Rieflin and Jeff Grienke.
Ever wonder what Ian McDonald did in the late 70's? Well then check out the Foreigner Rock Band Page.
Get all moody at the David Sylvian Web site.

The Official Toyah Willcox Web Site has all you need to know about Robert Fripp's better half, including monthly diary updates by Toyah herself.

Toyah Dreamscape fan site. The site regularly kept update to date with all the latest news.

Brian Eno fans shoud check out EnoWeb
Fans of David Torn, who's worked with Tony Levin and Bill Bruford, are invited to surf on over to the official David Torn Web site.

Patricia Fripp
Then there is Robert's sister's web site. It might not be what you expected.

Ellis, Beggs and Howard
Danny Barnhoorn sent in the following info: "Don't know if you've seen Nick Beggs' site on himself, but he mentions something that might be of interest to ET Web: After the recording of the first Ellis Beggs & Howard album there have been recording sessions with amongst others Robert Fripp. Nick is now planning to release those tracks on a cd (privately produced) if there are enough people that want to have them."

ET Friendly Resources

The Artist Shop
The Artist Shop an online site dedicated to independent artists, you can find graphics and soundbites for every album stocked, including artists on DGM.

All Music Guide
You'll be hard pressed to find as succinct a page on King Crimson, with as much information, as the King Crimson page at the All Music Guide site.

For another eclectic selection of online ordering try Esprit International Limited. You'll find some hard to find Crimson releases there.

Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
Check out the entry for KC at the Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock.

Vintage Rock
You're also welcome to rediscover bands that some would say have "aged" well by visiting Vintage Rock.

Mellotrons, Chamberlins, and their Sounds
Are you interested to know more about the Mellotron? If so give this site a visit.

David Kean's Mellotron Archives Web Site.

Streetly Electronics
Perhaps you'd like to actually purchase a Mellotron. Go to Streetly Electronics then!

Progressive Rock Bibliography Site
Looking for some interesting reading, or simply trying to find as much written material as possible on progressive rock bands? Check out Nik Brueckner's Progressive Rock Bibliography Site. Nik has also compiled a list of Books that have inspired Progressive Rockers. - Your Doorway To Progressive Rock
Cd Reviews, Interviews, News, Band Profiles and Discography, Concerts, Festivals, Integrated search engine for rock bands and other related Prog information.

Looper's Delight
Feeling Loopy? Why not check out the Loopers Delight web site where you can read back issues of the loopers digest, or find other interesting, loopy information, including an essay on Frippertronics.

Warr Guitars
Interested in the Warr Guitar, as played by Trey Gunn? Exposure
Peter Dervin produces and hosts EXPOSURE, a weekly radio program on KSER 90.7 FM (Everett/Seattle, WA area) every Friday evening, from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. PST. The show can also be heard in RealAudio format via the KSER 90.7 FM website

The Gagliarchives
Tom Gagliardi's Gagliarchives at WBZC FM in Delaware Valley, features progressive rock artists, including King Crimson.

Mark From Holland - International Radio Program
Mark Deren at Radio Heemskerk, in Holland, features King Crimson and has done interviews with Bill Bruford, John Wetton and David Cross.

Progressive Music Shows Live Online
Ed Yurst maintains a site that lists Progressive Rock Shows Live Online. Additional submissions are encouraged.