Matte Kudasai (Tab)

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Date Submitted: 2-Feb-95
By: Scott T. Lillis (sl4q+ at andrew dot cmu dot edu)

Matte Kudasai by
King Crimson from
This song is in the Key of E in 6/8 with dotted quarter=70(per min.)
The central part of Bruford's rhythm is
[I'll leave out the part that Adrian does. And put just a guitar riff.
But parts of it are done on Stick, like the bass notes. Actually all the
notes on the low A and E strings should be played an octave lower on the
bass.  Also let notes ring as long as possible]
|^..^..|^..^..|^..^..|^..^..|^ . . ^ . . |

|^..^..|^..^..|^..^..|^..^..|^ . . ^ . . |

|^..^..|^..^..|^..^..|^ . . ^ . . |^ . . ^ . . |

|^ . . ^ . . |^ . . ^ . . |^ . . ^ . . |^ . . ^ . . |

|^ . . ^ . . |^ . . ^ . . |^ . . ^ . . |^ . . ^ . . |

|^ . . ^ . . |^ . . ^ . . |^ . . ^ . . |


[It follow this basic pattern throughout the song. Though many of the
two-note chords are played at different octaves and/or inversions.]

Date Submitted: 18-Feb-98
By: Uwe Hoppe (uwhopp at aol dot com)


Scott T.Lillis has already transcribed the main riff from King Crimson’s
"Matte Kudasai". The following is therefore an attempt to transcribe
most of the missing parts of that great, great song. As a matter of fact,
Scott’s transcription proved to be so helpful for me that I feel obliged to
contribute something myself. I guess I have to apologize for the poor quality
of the transcription but this is the first time I’m trying something like
that, and my knowledge of musical theory really isn’t worth talking about.
Nevertheless, I hope that these notes are useful for some of your readers.
My comments on the song basically refer to the version found on "Discipline"
(1981) as it seems to be the one which is better known than the one on
"B'BOOM (Official Live Bootleg)". I personally prefer the live version
where Adrian's slide solo sounds much more confident. He is surely a hell of
a slide player and certainly one who avoids all of the cliches usually
attributed to that style of playing guitar.

After the introductory drone in E (played either on a synth or guitar synth)
the two guitarists play something like this:

--------------------10----I---------------10----------- b

Adrian:                                 hold note, then slide up
---16 / 12---14-----------I-----------------------------e
-------------------14-----I-----9/ 10---12 / ---9------ b

The penultimate note of this introductory phrase should be held
until the riff starts that Scott has already transcribed.If you
use a chorus pedal you get very close to the sound of the
original recording. By the way, the very last part of the riff
sounds a little fuller if you play it like this:


After that Adrian starts doing what he’s best known for: imitating
animal noises on his guitar in a very realistic manner. The bird
whistle phrase that he is doing is possibly best achieved by using
the bridge pick-up (it seems that he is using the neck pick-up for
most of the slide solo) and sliding up and down below the fretboard.
As for my part, I could not figure out what exactly he is doing there.
Anyway, have a try and go for the really high pitched notes.

The second bit is based on the vocal line. Because of this, the phrasing
is extremely important. Listen closely to the recording to hear which
notes are emphasized, how long the notes are, where vibrato is added etc.
It also seems that Adrian uses either a volume pedal or even the volume knob
of his guitar to fade in notes. By the way, the whole line sounds very nice
if you add some reverb and/or some delay.

---------------11--12 ------I---------------12/  14----12--12--e
--7/ 9--7/ 5-----------12---I--7/ 9---7/ 5---------------------b

-16/ 12---12---14--------------e

------------------------I-12/  16---14---12----------e
--9-9--10/ 12-----------I--------------------13------b

----------12------------I-12/ 11---------------------e
-12/ 10-----------------I--------12---10/  9---------b

During the vocal parts Adrian uses small bits and pieces of
the part described above.
The final lick is something like this:

-17/  16---16/  14-----14/  9------b

Uwe Hoppe
uwhopp at aol dot com