Andy Summers and Robert Fripp - I Advance Masked

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Originally released: 1982


  • Andy Summers (electric guitars, synthesizers (roland & moog), bass (fender), guitar synth. (roland) and percussions)
  • Robert Fripp (electric guitars, synthesizers (roland & moog), bass (fender), guitar synth. (roland) and percussions)



  • 5'10 I Advance Masked =>Tab/Transcription
  • 1'41 Under Bridges of Silence
  • 7'08 China - Yellow Leader
  • 2'28 In the Cloud Forest
  • 3'36 New Marimba
  • 2'02 Girl on a Swing
  • 2'58 Hardy Country
  • 2'07 The Truth of Skies
  • 3'23 Painting and Dance
  • 3'05 Still Point
  • 1'42 Lakeland / Aquarelle
  • 1'36 Seven on Seven
  • 1'24 Stultified


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 5-May-98
By: Eric Kirchner (Leonidas at xnet dot com)

"A strong release that previews things to come for both Summers and Fripp -- I hear a lot of this album in ToaPP, and Summers foreshadows work like "The Golden Wire".

"Painting and Dance makes you feel like you're at the Louvre, and China Yellow Leader drifts along in a shower of guitar patterns over a steady eastern background. The first seven songs of the album are some of the very best I've heard from either of these two. It's well crafted, intense and a joy to listen to.

"Some of it is not for the faint of heart -- Seven on Seven can be a chore to listen to and Stultified sounds just like what the title suggests.

"In fact, 'well-crafted' is a good way to some up the album. It is extremely ordered in approach and execution, and will appeal more to lovers of The Sheltering Sky, Discipline, Red, or Lark's Tongues.

"I've found the album to be a consistent pick in my collection, and I highly recommend it."