David Sylvian and Robert Fripp - Damage

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Originally released: 1994


  • David Sylvian (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
  • Robert Fripp (guitar, Frippertronics)
  • Trey Gunn (Grand Stick)
  • Pat Mastelotto (drums)
  • Michael Brook (guitar)



Recorded live in December 1993. Available in standard package and in limited edition box with 32 page large-format colour booklet and 24-carat gold CD. Some parts recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, 5? December 1993.

  • 4'31 Damage (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  • 6'42 God's Monkey (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn, Bottrill)
  • 6'29 Brightness Falls (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  • 5'40 Every Colour You Are (Sylvian, Karn, Jansen, Barbieri)
  • 7'02 Firepower (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  • 2'28 Gone To Earth (Sylvian, Fripp)
  • 8'03 20th Century Dreaming (a shaman's song) (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  • 6'11 Wave (Sylvian)
  • 5'01 Riverman (Sylvian)
  • 10'47 Darshan (the road to graceland) (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn, Bottrill)
  • 4'15 Blinding Light Of Heaven (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  • 4'44 The First Day (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 11-May-98
By: C. Fisher (the_catgrin at hotmail dot com)

"I was amazed to find this available in the used section! I guess we all have bills to pay. Sylvian and Fripp compliment each other beautifully. The first track, Damage, is slow and sore. Later, both the music and the vocals gain strength. The music ranges from sweet to harsh, but it doesn't seem surprising that it's been constructed that way.

"For fans of any musician featured on this album, I recommend it. The recording is clean and sharp. Sylvian and Fripp play off one another, giving inspired performances."

Date Submitted: 29-Oct-98
By: Katherine Hernander (kahernan at apollogrp dot edu)

"I'll never forget damage. it was during a summer when i was exposed to alot of music i had never heard before;brian eno, robert fripp, king crimson, pat metheny... the album haunts me. it is very dark and beautiful. i remember imagining the show they played, and envisioned it all in darkness. even though it has been three years, there are lyrics to songs (damage, riverman) that i haven't heard elsewhere since or before then that are burned in my mind. his greatest work ever."