Deception of the Thrush: A Beginners' Guide to ProjeKcts

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Originally released: 1999


  • Adrian Belew (V drums) - P2
  • Bill Bruford (drums and percussion) - P1
  • Robert Fripp (guitar) - P1, P2, P3, P4
  • Trey Gunn (touch guitar, talker) - P1, P2, P3, P4
  • Tony Levin (basses, Stick, Synth) - P1, P4
  • Pat Mastelotto (electronic traps and buttons) - P3, P4



  • Masque (P3)
  • 4 i 1 (P1)
  • 2 ii 3 (P1)
  • 4 ii 4 (P1)
  • Sus-tayn-Z (P2)
  • The Deception Of The Thrush (P3/P4)
  • Ghost (part 1) (P4)
  • Ghost (part 2) (P4)


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 10-Nov-99
By: Fernando Treviño (fj_trevino at hotmail dot com)

"I believe this is a great introduction to the work of investigation, development and creation of the King Crimson ProjecKts. I can't imagine King Crimson like a Dinosaur band of progressive rock (like Pink Floyd, ELP, Yes, etc. that I really like), but like a Reptile that every time they finish a cycle, changes their skin. And here, we are listening to that exact moment of change.

"I can't wait to listen the new record of the Greater Crim!"

Date Submitted: 7-Dec-99
By: (revidon at cls dot fr)

"I bought this CD a few days ago, and I have listened to it just a couple of times, but .... it is just BRILLIANT! I am not a big fan of the current crimson line up (well, I was not), I prefer much more the line-ups from 69 till 74, but as "I want to believe" I bought this beginner's guide, and I am just amazed by it! It is quite different from what I expected.

"Sometimes, they walk on David Bowie's steps (Outside), but not too much (hardly even), because , basicaly, these ProjecKts are quite novative, and they open a way to a new and modern music. I am quite confident for the future of KC.

"Maybe, if you are a true fan, you would prefer buying the boxset instead, but this Deception Of The Trush is interesting as well, in the way that it is concise, therefor it brings more intensity and variety within 72 minutes.

"the King is still alive!
"Vive le Roi!"

Date Submitted: 14-Dec-99
By: Vincent Thourigny (vincent.thourigny at pnr-vercors dot fr)

"Je me suis procurer cet album il y a quelques jour et je dois dire que je l'ai trouve excellent. Le son est incroyable, et je pense qu'aucun groupe n'a jamais eu de telles qualites sonores en concert surtout concernant les basses.

"Je tiens aussi à remercier Robert FRIPP de nous faire profiter des differentes orientations de travail des membres de King Crimson qui debouchera sur un nouvel album que j'attends avec encore plus d'impatience.

"En plus de cela cet album permet de mieux cerner le jeu de Pat Mastelotto et de Trey Gunn dont on a pu avoir du mal a discerner les parties dans le precedant album, et qui ont desormais dans mon coeur toute leur place dans le grand King Crimson."