Fayman and Fripp - A Temple In The Clouds

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Originally released: 2000


  • Jeffrey Fayman (tranceportation)
  • Robert Fripp (soundscapes)



(Note: click on title for lyrics)

  • 15'23 The Pillars Of Hercules
  • 4'32 The Sky Below
  • 30'59 A Temple In The Clouds
  • 3'30 The Stars Below


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 31-Oct-00
By: Dima Kanashenko (dima at yeteck dot com)

"A dense Soundscapes album, brighter than "GoP" and more composed (-sounding), with subtle samples of wind, crashing waves, chimes and pitched vocals."

Date Submitted: 24-Nov-00
By: Ryan Tassone (skybelow at juno dot com)

"This album left me pretty confused. I present some questions to anybody who feels inclined to respond via e-mail:

"1. What is "Tranceportation?" I checked Fayman's diary recently, and it seems he's a percussionist, but all of the percussion I hear on this CD is sampled (in fact, several patches from this album can be found in Fripp's playing on the third disc of Heavy ConstruKction). The title says "The Soundscapes of Fayman and Fripp." I think it also refers to Fripp's contribution as "frippertronics," am I wrong? I can't check, the CD is not with me. But it's very misleading as to where this music is coming from!

"2. The third track has a voice sample that repeats itself over a hundred times. This track, along with the final track, is one of the more interesting ones in timbre and concept, but a half an hour in length? That's only good for putting on as I sleep...but perhaps that's the whole point of this excursion?

"3. I missed that selection of diary entries, what to these people have to say about the temple itself; did they really go to Anapraxis? What were their reactions to the event, the recording process, etc.? It seems like this album just came and went.

"As I said, the latter half of the album is decent. The final track is very lush, dramatic. But certainly not a Soundscapes album. Something else, but very far seperated from anything else in the series."

Date Submitted: 27-Aug-01
By: Alexander Pieri (aleksander.pieri at pu dot hinet dot hr)

"It`s an amazing Cd!!! The first sounds bring me to an immaginarian civilisation which use a solar energy as their primary resource. That Cd now gave me a complete rays of ideas to write.... target=_top>[detail on my web site]

"I hope that Fripp&Fayman will release all tapes from the concert. It seems to that is not all complete. I don`t. I saw Fripp three times [Modena, Milano with Sylivan and with King Crimson] and it was great for me.

"And I visited Greece four times, but I don`t hava an any idea where the temple of Anapraxis should be.....

"I really like that this unsual duo will play live again..."