Fripp and Eno - Evening Star

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Originally released: 1975


  • Robert Fripp (guitar)
  • Brian Eno (loops and synths)



  • 12'32 Wind on Water/Evening Star
  • 2'38 Evensong
  • 2'50 Wind on Wind
  • 28'36 An Index of Metals


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 6-May-98
By: Michael W. Flaherty (z946128 at rice dot farm dot niu dot edu)

"With "Evening Star", Robert Fripp and Brian Eno take their collaboration one step beyond "No Pussyfooting": while their first album is basically Mr. Fripp's guitar manipulated by Mr. Eno, on this set we hear the two play together. Once again, the pair are able to combine their very different strengths into a coherent whole that results in some of the most beautiful and thoughtful music in the career of either artist.

"The recording begins with four short (by Fripp-Eno standards) works. "Wind on the Water" initiates the set with an Enoesque waterfall of synthesized notes that eventually give way to "Evening Star". This track features harmonics and Mr. Fripp's dark, warm guitar playing. While predating Frippertronics, much of the the guitar work in this album introduces the random, nonlinier lines of Fripp's later recordings, just as Mr. Eno's piano and synthesizer lines look forward to "Music For Airports". The lovely "Wind on Wind" is actually taken from Eno's "Discreet Music", but it fits this set well as the sound drifts like a musical feather bringing "side one" to a gentle close.

"Rapid note repetitions slowly fade into focus to begin "An Index of Metals", a track that combines the full development of the "No Pussyfooting" tracks with the greater subtlety characteristic of this set. As the original pattern continues to build, the players begin to tweak their instruments on top of it, building increasingly complex and facinating noises that manage to be simultaneously intense and meditative.

""The Essential Fripp and Eno", valuable for its inclusion of unreleased tracks, is misnamed. If "No Pussyfooting" is the brave first step into uncompromising artistry (see my review on this web page), "Evening Star", and particularly "An Index of Metals", is of (at least) equal musical merit. This album is a must for all serious listeners of Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, and indeed of serious contemporary music. What is needed now is a collection of live recordings."

Date Submitted: 26-Aug-99
By: Nana Felix (NanaFelix at aol dot com)

"Evening Star,one of the best instrumental recordings ever"