Fripp and Eno - The Essential Fripp and Eno

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Originally released: 1994


  • Robert Fripp (guitar)
  • Brian Eno (loops and synths)



Includes 20 minutes of unreleased music from New York in 1979.

  • 20'59 The Heavenly Music Corporation
  • 18'38 Swastika Girls
  • 5'29 Wind on Water
  • 7'48 Evening Star
  • 5'36 Healthy Colours I
  • 5'39 Healthy Colours II
  • 5'35 Healthy Colours III
  • 5'35 Healthy Colours IV


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 30-Apr-98
By: Michael W. Flaherty (z946128 at rice dot farm dot niu dot edu)

"The first two tracks of this release are the complete "No Pussyfooting", which I have reviewed in its section for this web page. The following two tracks are taken from "Evening Star"; the final four tracks--Healthy Colours 1-4--are available only with this release. So put simply, this CD replaces "No Pussyfooting", but the rest of "Evening Star" is, I believe, still quite essential.

"All of that out of the way, I would refer the reader to my review of "No Pussyfooting" and add my comments on "Healthy Colours": This suite of tracks is certainly worth owning, but don't expect to find classic Fripp-Eno. The tracks are far more similar to the Eno-Byrne release, "My Life With Ghosts." An electronic rhythm sequence is played (very obviously by Eno) and over that we hear broadcasts from American talk-radio programs and the occassionally quirky guitar line from Mr. Fripp. All of this is, to my ears, more interesting than a description can possibly convey. Overall, if not classic Eno-Fripp, these tracks make for a nice addition to recorded careers of these two fine artists."

Date Submitted: 5-May-98
By: Eric Kirchner (Leonidas at xnet dot com)

"Great disc. Heavenly Music Corporation is something to be experienced rather than listened to -- clear your mind, sit in a comfortable chair, and turn on the headphones. It's a rewarding challenge.

"Evening Star is some of Fripp's most expressive and beautiful guitar playing. It pulls you along on a sonic emotional rollercoaster and doesn't let you off for over eight minutes.

"Healthy Colors is something that requires a will to listen to the whole thing -- once you reach Healthy Colors IV, the theme and approach become a lot more palatable(sp?).

"Buy it. Listen to it. Wait a day. Listen to it again. Make your wife angry by gluing shut the tray on your CD player with this CD in it."

Date Submitted: 26-Dec-00
By: John Brown (johnniebrownie at worldnet dot att dot net)

"This release was brought to my attention by an ROP in an industry magazine in 1994. Although initially miffed at the recycling of NoPussyfooting, which I have on my Nomad right now and listen to almost weekly, I am forgiving.

"The Healthy Colours tracks are legendary for the squeals, angry roars, and shouts. The broad brush strokes and flash that compare to NoPuss's metallic blue and hint of blood red are quite healthy indeed."