Let the Power Fall

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Originally released: 1981


  • Robert Fripp (frippertronics)



  • 12'10 1984
  • 11'03 1985
  • 5'12 1986
  • 5'07 1987
  • 6'24 1988
  • 11'14 1989


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 6-Apr-98
By: Peter Wiseman (pete_wiseman at hotmail dot com)

"This album is purely Frippertronics; that's to say there's no percussion, no lyrics, no running solos, no voice-snippets etc.

"If you take the time to sit and listen and concentrate, Let The Power Fall is a (literally) stunning object-lesson in complexity-management; these cyclical patterns of sound which decay as quickly as they are added to become impossible to comprehend, and you find yourself lost in this beautiful noise, wondering just how much concentration Fripp must be capable of. Every time a jarring discord comes it knocks you sideways, from where you listen to it become assimilated into the lovely purring, tidal noise...

"I wouldn't recommend a particular track from this album; it's just one long astonishment. Find it."

Date Submitted: 26-Jul-98
By: Denis Robitaille (drob at oricom dot ca)

"One reads the liner notes describing the Frippertronics tour as 'difficult' and one expects dark and anguished music . Surprisingly the whole album is rather serene in mood ... after the turbulence of touring and recording with Crimson for years , RF was suddenly a free man and this is the music of one who has found peace within himself . I was present at both QuebecCity concerts in 1979 and I can testify that this music was played with passion as well as serenity . Somehow this reminds me of a comment by Jimmy Page who once complained that LZ was a prisonner of its old hits while he prefered Indian and Eastern traditionnal music . So don't expect Schizoid-like blasts here ; just put the record on and share the freedom."

Date Submitted: 3-Nov-99
By: Gennadi A. Orlov (gong at ur dot rags dot ru)

"I think, that on this album was showed all subconscious side of Mr. Fripp. It's a flow of the obscure images which have got out to us with the help of a guitar. I think, that this record is strangest among all Fripp's work."