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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 7-Jan-99
By: Nick Bradey (nick at bradey dot freeserve dot co dot uk)

"Interesting disc. It is particularly intriguing to hear the live version of Cirkus, in comparison to the studio version on Lizard. Boz's vocals work best though on Ladies of the Road rather than the slower more contemplative numbers . Mel Collins is superb throughout - it would be good to hear him in the current line-up . The recording quality is satisfactory and , overall , this disc reminds me of how much I want Earthbound to be re-issued."

Date Submitted: 10-Jan-99
By: Brad Wilmot (Hocow at aol dot com)

"All in all I would have to rate this as an excellent outing for the red headed step king. I approached this cd with very low expectations as I never cared for "Earthbound". I was very pleasantly surprised. Allowing for a little slop in the rythm section I actually prefer their "Pictures of a City" to the live versions by the 69 lineup. It's great to hear "Cirkus" live and I thought Boz did surprisingly well on the vocals for both of these early tunes.

"Anyone who says Fripp can't play blues needs to listen to the first verse of "Ladies of the Road". Very tasty. Mel's greasy strip joint sax is fabulous on this cut. Actually his solos are great throughout. He gets some of the best animal squeals this side of Adrian.

"When I first heard that "Formentara Lady" was on this cd I couldn't imagine how they could pull it off without all the session parts on the studio version (particularly the bowed upright bass). It comes off surprisingly well in this leaner arrangement. This leads into a rousing rendition of "Sailor's Tale". Once again Fripp and Collins tear it up. This ends with a powerful drum solo by Wallace, a bit long, but thats how things were in 72. He does some interesting stuff with synth at the end.

"It is interesting to note Fripp's growth as a guitarist from 69 to 72. Here he is a dominant musical force. On the 69 albums he seems to be an ok guitarist in a great band. He experiments around and some of it works and a lot of it doesn't. By 72 he is obviously the great guitarist he will become whereas there are few glimpses of things to come in the 69 recordings.

"The cd winds up the only way it could, with "Schizoid Man". It's not the best version I've heard but the competition on this song is extremely high. This one really rocks, anyway. Once again Mel shines.

"Find some way to dig up 96 bucks because if this one is any indication of what's to come you surely don't want to miss any future releases. This was the line up I expected the least from and DGM has delivered a terrific cd I'll be listening to a lot."

Date Submitted: 12-Jan-99
By: Brian Nestor (nestor at abts dot net)

"This is the reason I joined the DGM Club! Excellent release, warts and all.

"It is no secret that RF is less than enthusiastic about this band, but it seems to have more to do about controlling direction and less about actual ability. Their version of "Pictures Of A City" is excellent, and "Cirkus" tries hard but is doomed without Keith Tippett's piano. The band feels very comfortable on the three songs from "Island", obviously having fun during "Ladies Of The Road", taking their time and setting up a nice groove during "Formentera Lady", and cooking mightily during "Sailor's Tale" (although the drum solo is a little much).

"The punkier aspects of this version of Crimso shows up most notably in "Schizoid Man", which is positively manic in a manor totally unlike any other version of the band. Mel Collins is superb, Ian Wallace holds up well, and even Boz doesn't make any mistakes. The guitar playing smokes, although it is a little weak in the mix sometimes (probably a monitor mix with the guitar unmiked). All in all an excellent document of a crimso in major transition."

Date Submitted: 31-Jan-99
By: Robert Weiner (rgw0001 at door dot net)

"I have always had an affinity for this version of King Crimson. I only wish there were more live gems in the vault. Lizard and Islands are two of my favorite KC albums. I want to hear more. Does anyone know if there are live versions of other songs from Lizard and Islands (such as "Islands" etc.). I would like to see more from this lineup as I think its the most underrepresented in the whole KC catalog. A great release overall."

Date Submitted: 6-Feb-99
By: Daniel Gibson (dariel at monmouth dot com)

"I've been waiting for a '72 CD for years, and I'm very upset that only club members (rich people) are able to get one. I am not a rich person. I am in the music business. I rarely have $100 extra to spare.... I only have web access because it was a Christmas gift. To the fine folks at Discipline, PLEASE make this (Jacksonville) CD available to us less fortunate folks and at least make it available through Discipline mail order (like discs 3 & 4 of Epitaph -- thanks!) --Or at least some good Boz-Collins-Wallace era show. I need my live Cirkus!! One of my all time favorite songs (by anyone)!!"

Date Submitted: 7-Feb-99
By: Edith L. M. Vogel (elmvogel at uol dot com dot br)

"Of course, as a member, i appreciate every release. This also give me the right to make comments about it.

"The release itself is excellent and shows a jamming band playing KC tunes as well as other improvs with excellent quality. Of course it is KC just because the players, the songs and the name belonged to KC. In fact they were just playing because there had commercial compromises dealed by EG at that time, that had to be completely fulfilled. If anyone had the opportunity to listen to any bootleg from the 71 shows and compare it to any bootleg from the beggining of 72, Earthbound or Jacksonville, maybe the feellng about Jacksonville would change a little bit. Brighton Dome concert in october 71 showed a band promoting the Islands album, just released in the UK at that time, playing 5 out of 6 album songs (only Prelude was left out) as well as 21st century, cirkus, pictures of a city and groon, which was the only space left to improvs. That was a perfect live appearence of the 71 formation, playing for other reasons than only for obligation. Too bad the sound quality is not like Jacksonville one. Of corse it was not worked out by Fripp and Singleton.

"I hope CC Club will last for many years so we will have the opportunity to request more different material. This was a request that i sent to DGM for future Club releases"

Date Submitted: 22-Feb-99
By: Doug Griffin (dgriffin at tegic dot com)

"I agree with Daniel Gibson's sentiments! I would love to get a copy of this disc, especially since I was AT this show. It was amazing, though my memories are somewhat tinged due to some synapse-reconfigured filtering (it was '72, ya know). One thing that should be mentioned about this show is that King Crimson, probably one of the best bands around at that time (or any time, for that matter), shared the bill with Black Oak Arkansas, probably one of the WORST bands at the time. Not sure who scheduled that one, but the contrast just emphasized how great Crimson was!

"So please, if there's ANY way to get an individual copy of this disc, let us know!"

Date Submitted: 4-Apr-99
By: Stephen De Prospero (StephenfromNY at webtv dot net)

"This is by far my favorite period of KC, and never before have I seen a cd containing these beautiful gems. If anyone hears of a way of ordering it, please let me know. I'd love to own it in my collection. Thanks alot!"

Date Submitted: 14-Apr-99
By: Bill (billrn at ibm dot net)

"It is really unfair for me to make comments about this release, because I have not listened to this particular show. Allow me to digress for a moment. I tried recently to join the DGM collectors club, but decided not to because one of my primary reasons for doing so would be to get "Trees." I was told the Marquee '69 show was not being reprinted and was out of circulation.(please send me lots of e-mail if i'm wrong)

"Now, I have an extensive KC bootleg collection, but didn't own any by the Islands line up. I decided to get one, and wound up with the Shefield '71 gig, which is an augmented version of the set on Jacksonville 1972. (its a 2 CD set.) Anyway, between that and my copy of Earthbound, I've been living with this band live for about a week. The tests are in, Doc, and the prognosis AIN'T good!

"I really think the problem here is the rhythm section. Look at the other Crimsons. Bruford and Giles and McCulugh (LIZARD) are amazingly flexable drummers. Lake, Wetton, Levin and even good old Gord. Haskell also allow for a nice, fluid rhythm pulse, which allows the band to work with a nice, fluid beat.

"With this band, all Walace and Boz can do is go THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. 1-2-3-BOOM. 1-2-3-BOOM. Their musicianship is so tenuious that they can't even make simple rock and roll 4/4 sound relaxed, so every song on here sounds like Fripp is stuck in glue. Mel Collins isn't bad--but he's sounds like he's playing blues or strip-joint sax because he can't do anything else. Fripp sounds like a visonary stuck in a lounge band, and its really awful. Even great songs like "Pictures of a City" sound overly simple and plodding. Fripp would have been better off if he had hired Charley Watts.

"Confrerence call: "Hello, John,. Bill, Jamie.....I was thinking of that last tour, and.......""

Date Submitted: 3-Sep-99
By: (Baybeehughie at aol dot com)

"My impessions of the Jacksonville ballfield set:

"1) Boz actually sings the older songs, particularly "Cirkus," with a far less embarrassingly pratty effect than other Crim vocalists before and since. I must admit that for me the best KC is the KC where they shut up and play, so I'm not easy to please when it comes to the "song"-songs. He (Boz) almost sounds a little smoky & jazzified at times... not surprising he liked to scat as on "Earthbound."

"2) Again, a killer job on restoring the sound to listenability... another successful necromantic rite by those supernatural monks Roberto & David. I can only imagine the heartache trying to get any kind of decent sounds at all onto the Ampex cassette deck amidst the chaos of that tour... amazing that 27 years on it can be resurrected so effectively. "Cirkus" sounds so menacing, like a towering Big Top drawn in 3-D by Edvard Munch when both mellotrons are stonking. A beasty indeed, made all the beastier by the effort of Bob & Dave over a quarter century later.

"3) Mel Collins was and is just a motherf#&*$er alto (& flute) player. His solos on these tunes as well as the original "Earthbound," are as good if not superior to any number of jazz and improvising musicians that have passed my ears over the last 33 years. The best parts of CC #2 are when he is blowing his brains completely out into the back row and beyond... "Sailor's Tale" must have just burned the whole mixing desk to a crisp between the ferocious intensity of Mel and Robert.

"4) The rhythm section is widely criticized, largely from what I can see based on Boz & Ian not being Lake & Giles or Wetton & Bruford. This is too bad, because these dudes were funkin' harder than most Englishmen might allow themselves to. Maybe it is a bit sloppy at times, but particularly in the outro to "Formentera Lady" I am digging Ian Wallace's slow & steamy groove in its own way as much as I dig Mike Giles & Bill B doing what they do. I guess you could say that this KC had a basic conflict... put in terms of Analogy, Fripp wanted more of an Experience, while his cohorts (esp. Boz & Ian) leaned more toward A Band of Gypsys.

"Overall I like this release a lot and would love to see "Earthbound" (i.e., the more jam-oriented side of this band) reissued and even expanded as soon as possible. Dr. Robert must get a lot of sampling requests for that one... I took it into Groove Merchant Records (famous jazz and funk store in San Francisco) a while back and played the breakbeat at the start of side two, watching as all the funkateers just fell on the floor with Unmitigated Approval..."

Date Submitted: 5-Jul-00
By: Tim Long (timrobinlong at peoplepc dot com)

"I do belive that the Jacksonville show was quite well! "Cirkus" was the true highlight since you can't get it anywhere else live. "Pictures of a city" is very dissapointing in that Boz does not do it well. the three from islands are very good especially "A Sailors tale". And of course "Schitzoid man" was so-so. The tape messed up during the recording (which sucks). Boz does not sing that well. Yet, the musicianship was great. The fact that the guitar is heard not saxaphone is reason enough the listen."