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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 23-Jul-01
By: Eric Armstrong (esarmstrong at earthlink dot net)

"Well, I must say that I agree with Patricia Fripp's assessment, per the liner notes, after listening to this recording just once (an experience roughly equivalent to hearing something live for the first time without time for further relistening). Crimson certainly sounded like they were "on their mark" on August 13 1982.

"Two songs really stuck out to me as being top notch: First, was "Discipline". Even when one allows for the minute errors that enevitably may occur in a live performance, I cannot recall having heard a more seamless rendition of this song. Mind you I have heard a few "boots" and legitimate live recordings of this song through the years (Sorry Robert).

"Secondly, Neurotica. I was so impressed with the way Adrian Belew pulled off the lyrics (maybe not to absolute perfection, but who could?!) all while playing guitar. This a far cry from the prerecorded method that the lyrics were played over the live band during the 1995-6 live performances of this song by the double trio.

"It is always great to have another live recording of "The Sheltering Sky", however, about two thirds of the way through the song it sounded like the song was abruptly truncated/edited in mid Adrian-Belew guitar solo and then resumes at some point afterwards for another two to three minutes. I would be interested to hear from others who picked up on the same thing or if I was just mistaken.

"This was a first rate performance and a very good recording too. Just the sort of thing that I hope the Collectors Club can continue to churn out. It would have been great to have seen the band on the last night of the U. S. leg of their 1982 tour."

Date Submitted: 29-Jul-01
By: Mike Mclaughlin (mikemclaughli41 at hotmail dot com)

"Having received this a few weeks ago and (surprisingly for me) only listened to it once or twice (hey I've been a busy little bassist) I have to concede that tracks like Discipline or The Sheltering Sky sound better live and were not ideally mixed on the album I was (as you might expect if you've heard this release) suitably bowled over by the near faultless performance the guys gave and I've no doubt that if I give this release more time (one listening is in my opinion inadequate time to evaluate anything KC have ever done) I will grow to love it (I may possibly find some errors but then nobody's perfect, and these guys will always be three steps ahead of the game musically)."

Date Submitted: 9-Feb-02
By: (hemperornorton2 at yahoo dot com)

"As I write this the Greek Theater performance of The Sheltering Sky is log-drumming away behind me... my, this is quite a show, as the last-show-of-a-tour performances of KC somehow always are (i.e. Absent Lovers, Central Park 1974, etc.).

"First, let's be clear, if you're thinking of joining the CC or grabbing one of the Japanese Pony Canyon boxes of this stuff, and this show is catching your curious eye and you are dithering "should I or shouldn't I?", well, you SHOULD, OK? This show smokes, plain and simple, just Adrian's playing is enough, he's outta control here, or more specifically weaving a fine line between complete control (Discipline) and classic-mode Elephant Guitar (Thela Hun Ginjeet, also featuring more of the tape of AB stumbling back into the studio after nearly losing his limbs to those young hoodlums... ouch).

"The recording, apart from the usual hiss (minimal) is warm and real, and it seems they are enjoying playing outdoors, again especially Belew. Tony adds some swingin' lines to Sheltering Sky, if you ask me this is as-good-if-not-superior-to the Discipline take from a year earlier. I like that they play the whole Discipline album on this one, all 7 cuts, delicious if you're into that.

"I always wanted a good '82 show and now I have one, thanks be to Mr. RF!"