Live in Detroit, MI, 1971 - Reviews

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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 1-Jan-02
By: Dave Freshman (DFresh0702 at aol dot com)

"I would like to say that this is the finest recording I have ever heard from this lineup of KC. My favorites are the beautiful ensemble playing of Formentera Lady and the ride cymbal cue leading into Sailor's Tale, (one, two, three, one/two/three). To be able to hear such an outstanding version of CirKus really put the hair on my neck up. The different arrangement was well-thought out and quite different than the LP track.

"Mel's sax and flute playing throughout is sensitive and full of passion, with many sax passages leading into fantastic jazzy flights of fancy. Also, Ladies of the Road, a long time favorite, broods along with sensual desire and the images of carnal road knowledge..hmmmm?

"The conversation from Robert to the audience is quite unique and extremely rare. I must say that the same issues have never been resolved it seems over the past 30 years. But you know what. King Crimson stands for taking chances, making changes and continually growing. Really, a very similar analogy can be said for life. Long live KC. My favorite!!

"P.S. By the way, Dangerous Curves is a direct connection to Mars, only 30 years better!!"

Date Submitted: 6-Jan-02
By: Mike Mclaughlin (mikemclaughli41 at hotmail dot com)

"This was my first disc of my second year in the Collectors Club & to be honset I was not jumping through firey hoops to get it as I always felt that the '71 Crim were somehow a lesser band than the '69 band or the '72-'74 Crim (my personal favourites) however this disc blew my socks off it has some wonderful moments like the first tentative steps towards Lark's Tongues in Aspic during Groon and the Blues version of Court Of The Crimson King, not to mention Boz demanding the audience clap in time during Ladies Of The Road, Mars Positively storms along, in fact the only gripe I had was with Cirkus which plods along like they're all sick of it however this may not have been the case on the night as Ian Wallace does say in the liner notes that the tape he had been given to hear had been playing slowly. Anyway I'll keep this succinct as I tend to ramble uncontrollably if left to my own devices."

Date Submitted: 5-Sep-03
By: Pierre (pierrecerutti at chello dot fr)

"1 how incredible is the blues version of in the court of the crimson king : absolutly brilliant by the guitar playing of rf.

"2 for those (not me) who dislike islands lp, just take the ear to formentera lady and ladies of the road : the first is really improved by the mel collins' sax - what an inspired musician! seems like you ear a black jazz group...the second is rocked by the loud way : boz is a .... real singer.

"3 mel collins, rf and ian wallace on stage equal in a jazzy way the 1972-75 kc era easily....more hot and noisy!

"i must say that i regret the departure of mel collins after hearing this gig. this cc is a gift for those who like the lizard-islands period: so hot!"

Date Submitted: 12-Nov-03
By: Eric Odijk (ericodijk at zeelandnet dot nl)

"I read somewhere else on this site that Burrel-Wallace was a weak rhythm section. Duh! Not true, they were good. They developped a style of their own, even when playing a set that consists of songs that were not theirs to begin with for over 50%. Then there is Mel Collins, man what a brilliant musician, I prefer him over Ian McDonald, this guy is so incredibly intense. Maybe the biggest talent to ever be part of King Crimson.

"This comment could go with every good-sounding recording available from this line-up. So get this one or at least buy Ladies Of The Road, do yourself a favour."