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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 31-Oct-03
By: Richard Romeo (r.romeo at atlanticphilanthropies dot org)

"I just received the newest club release from November 1972. Let me first say that I’m disappointed that the CD runs for only 40 minutes or so. Other than that caveat, I quite enjoyed the music within. I should add that the quality is much better than I expected it would be—better than Bremen, better than the double CD Zoom Club release. I think the band sounds a lot more focused this time around. (tis wonder a month or so makes to get everyone in sync to some extent) Larks Pt 1 is fresh and we get more sardonic quips from Mr F about nicotine addiction.

"The crowning piece is the 25 minute improv—quite reminiscent of the the Bremen Improv but, imho, much better work from Fripp and Cross. Bruford’s drums are more pronounced, too. Muir’s allsorts is a bit muted which I find agreeable—he’s there just no bag of leaves and whistles and such. I shouldn’t forget to say that Wetton’s playing is strong as ever.

"The 72-74 club releases, except for this release, and Mainz 74, are tough listens (quality) audio-wise. I’m glad I have another club purchase from this period to listen to.

"One last question: any club releases from 1973 planned? There haven’t been any so far.

"Anyway, I appreciate the opportunity to listen in on the KCCC."

Date Submitted: 6-Nov-03
By: Eric Odijk (ericodijk at zeelandnet dot nl)

"So this is the third release from the Muir-era. Sound is pretty good, though in some places it is too loud and especially in the beginning of the improv we hear a lot of clipping. But that's why it is a club release, eh? It is worth buying if you like to hear how this line-up progressed from the first week. The very first gig is on the Zoom Club double cd and is very interesting, but the sound is weak. A few days later we can hear a very good quality recording in the all-famous Beat Club recording. But there we only have two songs and an improv.

"I think that in those days the improvs were too long and too much. Okay, they're good, but with lengths up to 40 minutes..... And on this cd there is one again. And what a start! Loud! Good also, but again, so long. I like the normal songs, the versions on this cd are a little more matured into versions that would appear on the Lark cd. Now the only thing I still miss is the last show with and the first show without Jamie Muir. I'd like to hear how someone is suddenly missed in this line-up. This five-piece line-up to me is like the Cross-Fripp-Wetton-Bruford line-up with someone showing them musical directions and guiding them into the direction they would follow on Lark and Starless. By the time they reach Red, they're matured finally. So Muir to me is some sort of guru for KC. I don't think he would have lasted long if he did stay. His role is what he did in those months."

Date Submitted: 8-Nov-03
By: Mike Dennis

"Having only see KC live twice - in 1972 & 73 - I eagerly awaited a live recording that would bring back the memories, I hoped that it would be the Zoom Club release but this was something of a disappointment with its sound quality. Now we have this release, and it is fantastic. A personal delight as I saw them 11 days later, and this recording captures what I heard that amazing night.

"Unlike the Zoom Club CD this is a quality recording (I can only assume that the Zoom Club was released first because it was the oldest recording available), and Sid Smith's sleeve notes sum up exactly what seeing them meant for me then.

"In his notes Smith poses the question 'Where they as good as everyone claims?' no SId, they were better! For those who were around at the time listen and remember, for those who weren't listen and hear what you have missed."

Date Submitted: 13-Nov-03
By: jlburgos at mtas dot es


Date Submitted: 17-Nov-03
By: Jack Bross (jabross at bellsouth dot net)


Date Submitted: 29-Dec-03
By: Graham Bedinger (grambobed at juno dot com)

"Buyers of the Live at Guildford CD should be aware that the song Exiles (track 4) is incomplete. The first 2:56 plays as one might expect, then suddenly breaks into some unrelated music. The track end abruptly at 3:37. Fans of KC will relish the open three tracks, giving us a rare insight into Jamie Muirs brief, but magical, stint with the band. DGM should rewrite the liner notes and the web site to indicate that only the first three tracks are complete, while the fourth is tantalizingly cut short!"