Live in Hyde Park, 1969 - Reviews

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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 23-Apr-03
By: (summers at tsoft dot com)

"Finally available after a long wait (WHY exactly was it delayed?), the Hyde Park show, along with the Plumpton Festival, is one of the more anticipated releases. The Epitaph playback discussion is interesting, although I'd prefer video footage of it as I cannot tell who is saying what. Only Fripp and Lake's voices are familiar. Overall, a great release."

Date Submitted: 14-Jan-04
By: Scott McFarland (mcfarland at ac-tech dot com)

"This is an impressive show by the band, with lots of energy, and the fidelity is not bad at all. And, it was an important event (the free concert given by the Rolling Stones after Brian Jones’ death, see by hundreds of thousands of rock fans). This seems to me to deserve wider release. It’s an impressive show."

Date Submitted: 11-Jun-04
By: (swbo101 at optonline dot net)

"I just got it the other day & think its great! The sound quality for an audience outdoor recording for that time is VERY good, not great but when you compare it to the quality from the Marquee club CD, it blows it away.. Good performance too! Also the 15 minutes of discussion between the band members is very interesting. A must get CD."