Live in Nashville, TN, 2001 - Reviews

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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 27-Aug-02
By: Ben Barletta (barletb at nationwide dot com)

"I gave it my first spin while at work, and everything felt somewhat "pedestrian" (well as pedestrian as KC can be that is, nothing until I came to Track 7 (Virtuous Circle) and I couldn't seem to get anything accomplished for the 7:04 that it filled my headphones?what an AMAZING track! Besides applauding the performance, I applaud the decision to put this track on the release!

"As much as I enjoy and love the older material, I would have left the 3 tracks off for more of the newer music (Red, Thela, & ET, Robert, great tunes? but?we've HEARD these a lot before, ok Red has a bit of a slower more SINISTER tone to it!) The more I hear the Double Duo in action, the more I enjoy them and enjoy the newer music. It almost seems as if they are finding their feet as an "entity" but still maintaining a "progressive" nature to the music.

"When the 4 disc box set of the Double Duo is released (well ok I'm HOPING) in the tradition of the Great Deceiver, you will see the progression of this "entity" into a single organism that truly AMAZES the listener! (well at least this listener)"

Date Submitted: 2-Jun-03
By: (jacethecrowl at msn dot com)

"After taking a few year break from KC, I've come back and am really enjoying the current line-up. TCOL is indeed a terrible sounding record, but the material comes off so much better on HEAVY CONSTRUKCTION. This club release is nearly as good. A mind-blowing "Larks IV" (though it may be the same one that's on the HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE ep), and the least annoying version of "ProzaKc" I've heard. I agreed with someone else's comment about Pat M's playing on HEAVY CONSTRUKCTION, that he wasn't filling Bruford's parts, but he sounds great here (though I still say MORE "traps" please, and LESS "buttons"). To these ears, the Nashville takes on "Elephant Talk", "Thela" and "Red" are damn near definitive. The TPTB pieces were still being developed at this stage, and obviously aren't as tight as the studio versions, but still exciting. With these live records, TPTB, and seeing KC two months ago, I'm fully converted to this band."