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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 17-Nov-03
By: Jack Bross (jabross at bellsouth dot net)

"This is a solid recording from the Islands line-up, of particular interest because it places the title track from the Earthbound album in a little better context. The band is playing well together, with a generally smoky/jazzy feel led by Mel Collins' saxophone playing. The opening track, Pictures of a City, is a great example of this. Formentera Lady is laid-back and graceful, leading to a strong performance of Sailor's Tale, though neither really achieves lift-off to my ears. Cirkus is one of the highlights of the album -- this band really played this tune with menace and authority. Groon is an interesting mixed bag. There's a lengthy drum solo from Ian W that starts acoustic, and then starts going all-out with the VCS3 effects. The acoustic part is amazing, and a wonderful opportunity to hear Ian at his best. The VCS3 part is perhaps best appreciated under the influence of hallucinogens, I suppose, but I haven't tried it. Schizoid Man is good, but Boz's processed voice sounds exactly like a Dalek. Great solos from both RF and Mel. Things really get interesting with Earthbound, which starts as a relatively uninspired one-chord jam until Robert drags it kicking and screaming into the future. And then somehow manages to cool it off and segue into Cadence. Unbelievable. Not as big a revelation as Summit, but a very strong album from this line-up."