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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 5-Aug-99
By: Michael W. Flaherty (z946128 at rice dot farm dot niu dot edu)

"I have to admit that if I were told last year that the first year of the club would consist of one live recording each from the five major Crimson units I would not guess that the double trio would be among my favorites--it is. "On Broadway" captures this band on a very strong night, and, like #3 (Beat Club) is a particularly valuable release.

"Among the things that make it interesting is the way Fripp slowly introduces elements of his Soundscape playing into the Crimson mix, which is something he also did on the ProjeKCt 2 tour and that I hope he will continue to do in the new Crimson. Fripp's solos on this release are, by the way, masterful.

"At first listening, the first four tracks seemed ordinary to me, but with VROOM VROOM I felt myself snapping to attention. The improvs on the set are all striking (2 have, I think, appeared on Thrakattak--very similar anyway), all solos are to the point yet very strong, and the band is tight. This is all especially true when compared to B'Boom, a nice set that, I think, On Broadway "blows away." Indeed, this is one thing that makes #5-6 valuable for me. I've liked, and am glad to have, all 5 releases, but for me #1 suffers in comparison to Epitaph, #4 in comparison to Absent Lovers. (The Islands KC (#2) has yet to grab me. Remember, all of this is subjective.) If there is a problem with the set it is that the band is under the constraints that come with giving a major "rock concert" by a major band. But the song selection is not too obvious, and "show biz" elements are kept to a minimum.

"The first release of the second year is from ProjeKCt 4. I suspect that there is plenty of great material from these tours to come."

Date Submitted: 16-Aug-99
By: Dave Lumenta (dlumenta at indosat dot net dot id)

"Just received the On Broadway package.

"My comments:
"1. Sounds better than the sterile & heavily compressed B'Boom CD.
"2. Frame by Frame somewhat sloppy (but that's the reason we joined the CC, right ?)
"3. Thela Hun Ginjeet lacking the 'boobams' groove of the 80s version (eg: in Absent Lovers)
"4. A very effective Talking Drum (short but very rich)
"5. Great Pat - Bill duets (like on Prisms)
"6. A magnificent Indiscipline. Just about the time I'm beginning to feel bored of all other versions of it (Discipline, TOPP Live In Japan video, Frejus version, Absent Lovers), this version has regained my interest. Here it seems to be their own parody of the song (Adrian singing the first lines in a rush). Bruford is the ultimate humorist here, being the perfect partner for Belew's elephantosity. At least, it proves that this gloomy 90s edition still retaines the shiny humor and mobility of the 80s edition."