ProjeKct Two - Live in Northampton, MA, 1998 - Reviews

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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 27-Sep-01
By: Mike Mclaughlin (mikemclaughli41 at hotmail dot com)

"I recieved this disc today and immediately thrust it bodily into the nearest player and hit the play button expecting a Space Groove type of thing (which I personally thought was a fine pair of discs) I was not dissapointed but simultaneously I was surprised intrigued engrossed and overjoyed to discover there was so much more to this sub-crim unit than I had first imagined. That was my first listening I'll need a few more weeks to absorb it properly, still it's a most enjoyable addition to my KCCCCDs I now have something from almost all the eras of Crim from the Collectors Club (although there are a few CD's from before my joining I should like to get)...anyway I digress (unintentionally) this disc is more than I was expecting and will get a period of frequent spinning from me, not perhaps what I would have wanted (but then isn't it always the ones you least expect turn out to be the most pleasurable and possessed of the greatest longevity) anyway that's my badly punctuated opinion on this KCCC release."

Date Submitted: 31-Oct-02
By: Ben Barletta (barletb at nationwide dot com)

"After enduring Space groove (and not enjoying that release entirely) I MUST say that this release is a better version of this PartiKcular ProjeKct! I feel that they sound more like the Greater Crim insofar as I keep thinking that after any given track a familiar Crimson tune (well piece, I don't think you can refer to any Crimson as a "tune") will start up. Fripp (as usual) is his AMAZING self! Some of it sounds similar to Zappa's later work which was realized on the Synclavier but this was LIVE!

"This release showcases nothing more than great musicians making great music! Worth the time to listen!!!"