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From 1997 to 1999, King Crimson "fraKctalised" into four sub-groups. ProjeKct One began as a suggestion by Bill Bruford to, Robert Fripp that they do some improvisational shows together. Fripp suggested adding Trey Gunn and Bruford, to maintain a balance, suggested adding Tony Levin. Fripp then developed the idea of "fraKctals", multiple different subsets of the band working together, as a way of developing new material for King Crimson, the band having been at something of a compositional impasse.

In the event, while ProjeKct One was the first of the sub-groups planned - thus its name - ProjeKct Two actually convened and recorded first. ProjeKct Three and ProjeKct Four then followed, all four groups consisting of a subset of the six King Crimson members. While Fripp stated he was happy for a ProjeKct to be formed without him, he and Trey Gunn were in all four groups.

As well as various individual releases, a boxset The ProjeKcts was released in 1999 with four discs, one per ProjeKct.

Bruford expressed his concerns that his role in King Crimson was no longer important, so Fripp then suggested a ProjeKct Zero consisting of the full King Crimson THRAK line-up but with the full freedom of the other ProjeKcts. This ProjeKct never reached fruition, and both Bruford and Levin then left King Crimson leaving the other four members to resume work on a new album, The ConstruKction of Light. ProjeKct X was not a group as such, but material recorded during the sessions for The ConstruKction of Light re-assembled by the band, particularly Pat Mastelotto and Trey Gunn. The resulting album, Heaven and Earth, was released in 2000 along side The ConstruKction of Light. Additionally, when the 2001-03 group performed improvised pieces during their live shows, they would use the name ProjeKct X to differentiate themselves from the regular King Crimson, thus freeing up their talents to stray beyond the usual repertoire.

No more ProjeKcts occurred for some years until 2006, when a new project involving Fripp on guitar and Adrian Belew on drums played live under the name ProjeKct Six.

There has been no ProjeKct Five. In 2006, Fripp said that he had ideas for ProjeKct Five and that ProjeKct Five will be distinct from the current full band line-up of Fripp, Belew, Levin, Mastelotto.


The ProjeKcts' music has generally been of an improvisational nature and all has been instrumental. Fripp has described their purpose as being "research and development" for King Crimson.

Notable is that Adrian Belew, guitarist and vocalist in King Crimson, has played electronic drums two of his three ProjeKct appearances.

Lineup Chart

Formation ProjeKct 1 ProjeKct 2 ProjeKct 3 ProjeKct 4 ProjeKct X ProjeKct 6
Guitar 1 Robert Fripp          
Warr Guitar Trey Gunn          
Drums Bill Bruford Adrian Belew Pat Mastelotto     Adrian Belew
Bass/Stick Tony Levin     Tony Levin    
Guitar 2         Adrian Belew