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Song by King Crimson
from the album Three of a Perfect Pair
Length 5:16
Writer(s) Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Bill Bruford
Lyricist(s) Adrian Belew
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in the dream I fall into the sleepless sea
with a swell of panic and pain
my veins are aching for the distant reef
in the crush of emotional waves...

alright, get a hold of yourself
an' don't fight it, it's over your head
it's alright, the rumble in your ears
it's alright to feel a little fear
an' don't fight it, it's over your head
it's alright, you wake up in your bed...

silhouettes like shivering ancient feelings
they cover my foreign floors and walls
submarines are lurking in my foggy ceiling
they keep me sleepless at night...

hey, can you picture the sight
the figures on the beach in the searing night
and the roaring hurt of my silent fight...
can you pull me out
of this sleepless night
can you pull me out?...


Three remixed versions conclude the 30th Anniversary Edition of the album.

  • Sleepless (Tony Levin Mix) - 7:26
  • Sleepless (Bob Clearmountain Mix) - 5:24
  • Sleepless (Dance Mix - F. Kevorkian) - 6:17


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