The Champaign-Urbana Sessions, 1983 - Reviews

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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 29-May-03
By: Alfonso Montes Rodriguez (amontes at us dot es)

"The champaign-Urbana sessions is better than a lot of albums than other bands has done. It is better that they did not edit disk CD because the other albums of King Crimson are simply very perfect."

Date Submitted: 29-May-03
By: (usivius at rogers dot com)

"Wow. I have only recently started picking up some of the "club" CDs, previously unavailable to non-club members, and if this one is any example, I'm hooked! I will definitely have to get the other recording sessions CD. In this one, it's not all gold, but a great insight into the ideas being floated around. Actually I would have to say there were only two tracks I didn't particularly like. But the rest of the stuff is really good. It's a shame that a couple of them didn't get pursued with greater interest, for they are really great. A highlight for me was hearing #9. Robert and Bill. Here Bill riffs over Robert's intro to Lark's Tongue part 3. Wow. Tighter than Cher's new face-job.

"Great stuff. I hope more stuff like this comes out."