ProjeKct Two - Space Groove

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Originally released: 1998


  • Adrian Belew (V drums)
  • Robert Fripp (guitar)
  • Trey Gunn (touch guitar, guitar synth)



Recorded at studio Belewbeloible in the Nashville Sector during November 19, 20 & 21st 1997

CD1 Space Groove:

  • 19'03 Space Groove II
  • 2'39 Space Groove III
  • 17'13 Space Groove I

CD2 Vector Patrol:
The Planet Zarg Quartet:

  • 4'55 Happy Hour On Planet Zarg
  • 2'25 Is There Life On Zarg?
  • 1'32 Low Life In Sector Q-3
  • 0'45 Sector Shift
  • 3'17 Laura In Space
  • 0'54 Sector Drift
  • 3'40 Sector Patrol

Lost In Space:

  • 2'52 In Space There Is No North, In Space There Is No South, In Space There Is No East, In Space There Is No West
  • 3'39 Vector Patrol
  • 8'55 Deserts of Arcadia (North)
  • 4'10 Deserts of Arcadia (South)
  • 0'25 Snake Drummers of Sector Q-3
  • 10'48 Escape From Sagittarius A => Reviews
  • 3'03 Return To Station B


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Entire Release

Date Submitted: 2-May-98
By: Jean-Jacques (zwortz at aol dot com)

"Bien dans la lignée de Thrakattahk en plus "intime" ce projeKCt two et son groove spatial attendent avec impatience une suite ou une extension au King Crimson nominal."

Date Submitted: 4-May-98
By: Josh (js at electriciti dot com)

"Pretty interesting stuff. I had an opportunity to see the show but didn't because I didn't want to drive 3 hours for ambient music. I didn't realize Adrian was playing drums. I now feel like an idiot...anyway, as for the album, disc one is very good. Kind of sounds like extended instrumentals influenced by Roxy Music's "Avalon". Disc two I find less interesting because it is a little dissonant and herky-jerky for my taste (I also disliked ThrakAttack for the same reason). However, I would say this set is worth it for the contents of Disc One alone."

Date Submitted: 5-May-98
By: Larry Apuzzo (Larry_P._Apuzzo at ccmail dot bms dot com)

"I don't yet have the disc, but I just saw the live performance at "Toads Place" in New Haven, CT and was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED. It was one of those shows where I didn't care if I wasn't watching the band the whole time (although THAT was amazing too!) - the sound in itself just ROCKED. Very powerful and intense. My only [minor, and for future reference of other live shows, hopefully] complaint is that when the band gets a little quiet, I wish if other members of the audience are going to shout something out, that they would say something a little more original and/or interesting than "Ro-bert!", "A-dree-an!" or "Freebird"(!). I'm sure the latter was intended as a joke, but I'm not sure it was appropriate. Enthusiasm is one thing, redundancy is another. I feel a bit snobbish saying that, but I had to get it off my chest. If I've personally gained anything from the music and commentary of Robert Fripp et al, it is: try to take a more intelligent approach to what you're doing; including being a member of 'the audience'."

Date Submitted: 5-May-98
By: Jay Jones (Jazzin12 at aol dot com)

"I had the opportunity to see the Space Groove trio perfrom in Philadelphia on 5/3/98. Their space exploration works better live. Nonetheless, the adventuresome, spacey improvisation on the CD has great merit and sets a backdrop or reference point for the live departures into space. Having grooved to the CD for a few days, I hear so many references - it drives me crazy (in a good way). What comes to mind is Ornette Coleman's "harmolodic" projects - check out "Song X", Miles' "Silent Way", the Grateful Dead's space in every live show and Eno's "Nerve Net." This is only a cursory list. There is so much happening. There is a strong free jazz undertow that makes it all work. But you can find many rich elements from every genre. Its wonderful. Fripp and Gunn interweave seamlessly and Belew's new toy, the Roland VDrums, produce acoustic, electronic and sampled patches with equal virtuosity. They sound so natural. And boy, does Adrian love to play them - and it shows!

"When comparing Space Groove with the live experience one can quickly identify that the trio is quickly becoming more comfortable in this setting than when they made the recording. Furthermore, it is evident that songs or themes are beginning to be richly developed which provides a stable anchor for their dive into the deep abyss of unexplored space. A return journey on CD at the end of their tour would certainly reveal substantial growth, maturity and focus. At any rate, hold on to this gem. It may very well be the catalyst for a new wave of Crimso taking all us on wild and wonderful journey, if not into space, then into the new millenium."

Date Submitted: 8-May-98
By: Paul W. (arc.technics at virgin dot net)

"I am enjoying immensely what is yet another fresh and innovative departure from the KC camp - both discs. Superb improvised spacey jazz. Also enjoyed the London Jazz Cafe ProjeKct 2 gig; I hope that more of this has been recorded and look forward to the CDs; the music has evolved even since the Space Groove recording. By the way, the ProjeKct 2 rendition of Vrooom (the encore), was a master touch.(It's Crim Jim, but not as we know it...)."

Date Submitted: 9-May-98
By: Bill Nicholas (thekid at cybernex dot net)

"First buying this, I thought " what do they mean, slicing the great Crimson into little subgroups ?" After all, it has been three long years since KC's trumphant return, THRACK, and the silence from the kingdom has been deafening. The issuing of concerts, both old and new, on CD has been wonderful, but still the question nags: There is a King Chimson in operation, so where's the new album, where's the new album?

"PROJECKT 2 doesn't really answer that question resoundingly, but the fact is that we now have two discs of music from, well, either "King" or "Crimson", you decide which. The proposition, however, is really pretty good, if you take the album for what it is--a testing of possibilites.

"King Crimson has always been about taking trends in music, filtering them through the eclectic prism of rock, and winding up with uncompromised high art. It was done with mixing the Moody Blues and John Coltrane on "In The Court....," exotic funk and Stravinsky on "Larks Tounges In Aspic," and new wave, dance music and free jazz on the three 1980s albums.

"Projekt two mixes high technology, an acid-jazz palate, and a share of smoothed-out Captian Beefheart dischrod. The results are not songs, but large ideas that can eventually be turned into songs. Songs that could make one hell of a great album. High tech art-rock past the stroke of Dec. 31, 1999: complex, chalanging and, hopefully, provacative as hell.

"If the waiting and the side projects pay off, and King Crimson fufill the mandate they have given themselves on Projekt two, then I'll wait another three years over hearing a bi-annual holding pattern album any day."

Date Submitted: 12-May-98
By: Mark Weinert (markoman at inficad dot com)

"Sorry but as longtime Crimson devotee I have to say I'm disapointed with Space Groove. I've seen the Fripp-Belew KC lineup twice live and collected KC albums since '69 and this double-CD just doesn't live up to Fripp's normally exacting standards. It sounds like sonic doodleing that was hastily put together. Am much more impressed with latest KC albums and Fripp's solo series."

Date Submitted: 16-May-98
By: Job Hockstaff (hockstaff at axtek dot com)

"This album is a huge leap forward for the King Crimson repatuar. Just when you thought the only thing we would continue to hear (not that it has dissapointed) were ambient soundscapes from Fripp and metalic, occasionally over produced, chords from the double trio, Projekct 2 comes roaring in as the next standard for all future works.

"I was becoming a bit concerned that with the dawn of a new millenium, Fripp, Belew & crew would not realize the vast technological world of music and the potentials that lay before their creative powers. If this is just an experimental tour and release, I hope that their lab results are as positive as mine."

Date Submitted: 29-May-98
By: Patrick J. Biegalski (splat at pernet dot net)

"Really wonderful album. Fripp and company are mapping out a new aesthtic here, somewhere between jazz fusion and Prokofiev. Disc one has only three songs, the first of which is the best because it is the most coherent and smoothest of the three tracks. Track two you can feel building in different directions, and you can almost notice that suddenly, at moments, the players realize they are playing away from each other and try to steer back, but in the end it is too late. Saved by being short. Track three is great, and reminds me of Requiem off of Beat, but much better in parts (as well as not as good in other parts). But Disc two is by far the better album. It seems as though the group decided upon a general direction for each piece and then went there. The general mood is very ambiguous (I play it a lot because I often am not sure exactly how I feel, and it fits perfectly). The concept of the whole sci-fi link as charted out on the inside cover is great, for this really is space music. Probably what a lot of intelligent rock will eventually evolve into. Very post-modern. And some of the best out and out playing I have heard out of the group in a while. Four out of five stars. Missing one only because this type of thing is not as well established as more traditional forms, but some of the best improvisational music done by far."

Date Submitted: 4-Jun-98
By: (pbclermont at skynet dot be)

"Very nice album with a strange kind of music. Perhaps the mix between Jazz-rock (like Weather Report), space-rock and KC sounds. My personnal opinion is that Mr FRIPP is (or has been) influenced by one of the most brilliant guitar player : John Mc Laughlin (The " Birds of fire " and " Betwenn nothingness and eternity " period). GREAT !"

Date Submitted: 7-Jul-98
By: Will Henson (willhenson at aol dot com)

"Nice recording, I wonder if anyone else has noticed the musical note triggers on Adrian's foot pad that are easily mistaken for real bass lines. Anyone? Anyone?"

Date Submitted: 7-Sep-98
By: Michael Bohn (michael at bohn dot dk)


"I love Thrak Attack for its enormous power and new ways of improvising and use of new sounds.

"I love The 90's KC version, I love the 80's KC version for their intension, discipline, creativity and power. And the 70's KC version is unsurpassed in their heavy-jazzy-improvising style.

"But - ProjeKct Two - Space Grooves has neither. And nor are they inventing anything new, I believe that if you turn the volume down, you could play it a supermarket without anyone having troubles. They will probably think it is music from the childrens videogamemachines in the corner. Doodleing is the word. Belew is a worderful guitarist and singer, but no Bruford. They probably had a lot of fun - but what was the intension?

"By the way: What happened to "Sunday all over the world", that was a interesting beginning to something new !"

Date Submitted: 7-Sep-98
By: Marcela G. Tremblay (jetceram at uninet dot net dot mx)

"It was not what I expected, but it has always been my reaction every time I listen to Crimson material and I'm impressed (as always). Maybe I'm being to modest (I'm seriously tripping on it).

"This projekct concept is new and I hope it will generate other projekcts like Bruford, Levin or maybe Fripp,Levin,Bruford and Fripp,Belew,Masteloto and Gunn,Belew,Bruford,Masteloto.

"Thanks, guys! What you're doing is really something........its Great!

"Maybe a Fripp,Belew,Hammil (Peter).....sorry I'm dreaming...."

Date Submitted: 18-Nov-98
By: Robert F. Martin (RobertF.Martin at mortgagesvcs dot com)

"This is an amazing display of instrumental concept rock. The first disc, "Space Groove", sounds just like the name it was given, a futuristic jam with the elements of jazz and industrial music. Since the song titles reflect that of the disc, there is no foundation for your mind to create a picture of any storyline. It is just a trip through space, allowing you to become one with all that makes it up. This is a kind of warm-up for the second disc. "Vector Patrol" is the title for the second half. I won't tell you what I think it is about. That would ruin it for you. My interpretation of it may not be yours. Follow the titles with the tracks and use headphones for the full effect. Let your mind tell the story. The music is only the guide."

Date Submitted: 23-Nov-98
By: Peter Marsh (marshp at richmond dot ac dot uk)

"Having been a big fan of Fripp's less disciplined (excuse the pun) material over the years, I approached Space Groove with great expectations. I really wanted to like this album, but I'm afraid I took it back to Tower after two days of listening... I seem to remember some guff on the sleeve extolling the virtues of improvisation, but really this album smacks more of the aimless noodling of the Dead on a bad night than Ornette, Coltrane, Gong or even the Dead on a good night. Belew's drumming is leaden and unimaginative, Trey Gunn is guilty of the most vapid of fusion cliches and even Fripp sounds distracted and uninvolved. I was unpleasantly reminded of the 80's Mahavishnu records. This record is neither Spacey or Groovy, and I'm surprised Fripp bothered to put it out. Or perhaps I'm missing the point..."

Date Submitted: 25-Nov-98
By: Marco Severiens (m.severiens at getronics dot nl)

"What a fine album! Fripp, Gunn and Belew managed to take their music into a much different direction than anything they did before. Keywords are "jazzy, spacey and groovy". Don't expect anything rock-like or guitar-thrashing, I find this album to be very relaxing. This is NEW music, open your ears."

Date Submitted: 24-Apr-99
By: Stephen De Prospero (StephenfromNY at webtv dot net)

"Wow, I love it! Its totaly awsome!!! Lets try Fripp, Bruford, Levin lineup next time, or Belew, Mastelotto, and Gunn. Another amazing relese."

Date Submitted: 2-Aug-99
By: Eric Schoolmeesters (eschool at tref dot nl)

"My God, the first guitar piece is going right back into the seventies! It is a very risky CD, the Volume One is the winner for me personaly, because Mr Fripp is playing a very, very hell of a jam in the Space Groove II track. I can't wait to hear live tapes of a full concert"

Date Submitted: 15-Sep-99
By: Martin Gendreau (beorn40 at hotmail dot com)

"I have a love/hate relationship with this album. Some parts are really strong (Arcadia North) and some (most) parts are really boring. I must admit it is a nice album for having sex... I performed SAFE space grooves for three weeks...but nothing to keep her interested for long. There is something in it (Vector Patrol) but nothing truly essential (Space gooves). Better try some Soundscapes solo performances. Qualified as non-rock, it is heavier than this!!!"

Date Submitted: 14-Jan-04
By: Scott McFarland (mcfarland at ac-tech dot com)

"It is what it is, and this is a loose album of guys having fun playing with electronic toys. Perhaps if they had rehearsed more, or recorded more together, something might have emerged that would support repeated listening a bit more. But again, it is what it is and it has grown on me a bit over time."

Escape From Sagittarius A

Date Submitted: 21-Jul-98
By: Anthony Lance (a.lance at student dot qut dot edu dot au)

"Well i think you have finally found out the differences between taurus and the Sag,...fripp!....So we don't mind at all if you want to hang out with all the other bulls...How boring!"